Instruments of the LOTR Soundtrack



The dilruba was used, along with low strings, in music for Mūmakil in TTT.


The Indian dilruba is a cross between a sitar and sarangi. Like the sarangi, is carved from wood with a goat skin soundboards. Both instruments have main and sympathetic strings over which a bow is drawn. The two differ in the shape of their resonators and the manner in which their sympathetic strings are attached. The fretted finger board of the dilruba is more like sitar and the main strings are stopped with the pads of the fingers instead of the nail.


The dilruba was used, along with low strings, for the lumbering Mūmakil music in TTT.


Dermot Crehan played the dilruba in TTT.

1. Sample from Raga Bhairavi Dhun, The Art of the Indian Dilruba, Baluji Shrivastav

2. CR-TTT, Disc 2, Track 6, The Forests of Ithilien, 3:57-4:21

I don't think the dilruba is playing the deep, low tones of this piece. I think it must be playing a higher, softer drone above them. But I'm not sure and I'm not sure if we can even really hear the dilruba.