The Two Towers

Limited Edition Soundtrack & Internet Limited Edition Soundtrack (LE, ILE)


Original Release Date: December 10, 2002

Number of Discs: 1


Limited Edition: dark blue leatherette, gatefold packaging, slipcases, interior the same as FOTR-LE. spine is flat.

Internet Limited Edition: brown leatherette, gatefold packaging, slipcases

title stamped in foil on the front and the spine.

custom, bellyband artwork : one for LE & one for ILE


1 extra track : Farewell to Lórien

Booklet: 20-page booklet on glossy paper with images and lyrics (scans of select pages in the Picasa Album)

Online content

Collectible Cards: 5, double sided character cards available with the Internet LE

Label: Reprise/WEA

On Site Info:

Cue by Cues: Since this release contains the same tracks as the OST, the cue by cues for the OST are also pertinent for this. Each cue by cue provides a description of the music including identification of themes being used, an accounting of on screen action, lyrics being sung, and source text for those lyrics. Farewell to Lórien's cue by cue is HERE.

Off Site Info:

Larger images in my Picasa Album

Official Site:  track titles, and misc. frou-frou (e-cards, video), more info on editions

October Sell SheetNovember Sell Sheet


This set was originally intended to have two discs. An October sell sheet says:

In November, New Line will release a special four-disc DVD edition of The Fellowship Of The Ring featuring new scenes that extend the film by up to 40 minutes. Shore composed new music for the additional footage. The limited-edition The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers album adds to the regular release a second disc featuring the bonus music from this The Fellowship Of The Ring DVD. The limited-edition version also includes a special booklet and leatherette packaging.

An Oct 30, 02 article at TORn references this information. But two days later, another article at TORn (referencing a new, November sell sheet) describes the TTT-LE set merely as having an extra bonus track, "Farewell to Lórien" from The Fellowship of the Ring: Special Edition DVD

The Internet Limited Edition was only available for purchase from the official soundtrack sites. It looks like it was only about $3 (US) more than the Limited Edition and I was a fool for not buying it. But, what can I say, sometimes... $3 is $3.

Some retailers do not show the leatherette cover for this item. Some show the TTT-OST cover, making it difficult for the consumer to know what they're buying. But, since this is now OOP, it's probably a moot point.


Limited Edition

(color: navy)

This was packaged with a
paper band encircling the leatherette cover.

The back is unmarked.

The interior is the same
as the FOTR-LE.

The spine says,


The Two Towers


with product number

Internet Limited Edition

(color: brown)

This was packaged with a
paper band encircling the leatherette cover.


Cover of booklet




belly bands



Larger images in my Picasa Album