Return of the King

Standard Jewel Case Edition Soundtrack (Original Soundtrack, OST)


Original Release Date: November 25, 2003

Number of Discs: 1


Jewel case


liner notes: 5 flap foldout, glossy - contains images, a few lyrics, extensive credits. Front face of liner notes functions as CD cover.

Online content

Collectible Cards: the earliest releases of the ROTK-OST had one of 7, double sided character cards..

Label: Reprise/WEA

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Cue by Cues: My cue by cues for this recording start here with the first track. Each cue by cue provides a description of the music including identification of themes being used, an accounting of on screen action, lyrics being sung, and source text for those lyrics.

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Larger Images in my Picasa Album

Official Site:  track titles, and misc. frou-frau (e-cards, video)

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Comments: commonly called the Original Soundtrack or OST. Clicking on some images below will take you to a larger image.

Front of CD liner notes functioned as CD cover


Larger Images in my Picasa Album