Return of the King

Limited Edition and Internet Limited Edition Soundtracks (LE, ILE)


Original Release Date: December 9, 2003

Number of Discs: 2 : 1 CD that contains same music as the ROTK-OST and 1 Bonus DVD


Limited Edition: green leatherette; gatefold packaging; interior paper is the same as for FOTR-LE & TTT-LE except there is only one slip case (on the left) for the CD and and a jewel case tray on the right for the bonus DVD; booklet is fastened into the spine which is flat.

Internet Limited Edition: deep red, brown leatherette; otherwise will presume it's the same as the ROTK-LE.

title stamped in foil on the front and the spine.

custom, bellyband artwork : one for LE & one for ILE


Bonus DVD entitled, "Howard Shore: An Introspective"

Lord of the Rings Trilogy Supertrailer: 5-minute Supertrailer encompassing all three movies

"Use Well the Days", a behind the scenes portrait (transcript)

Photo Gallery: Howard Shore and Orchestral Sessions

Poems, Text and Lyrics from The Return of the King (Picasa Album)

Bonus Track: "Use Well The Days", performed by Annie Lennox (Picasa Album)

Booklet: 20-page booklet on glossy paper with images and lyrics

Online content

Collectible Cards: 7 double sided character cards (14 images) available with the Internet LE

Stamps: sheet of 18 'lick 'em' type stamps that employ the same character images as the cards.

Label: Reprise/WEA

On Site Info:

Cue by Cues: Since this release contains the same tracks as the OST, the cue by cues for the OST are also pertinent for this. Each cue by cue provides a description of the music including identification of themes being used, an accounting of on screen action, lyrics being sung, and source text for those lyrics.

From the bonus DVD:

Use Well The Days: A Behind the Scenes Portrait: transcription of some Comments

LOTR Supertrailer

"Poems, Text and Lyrics": The text portion of many or all of these shown are on this page.

Use Well the Days:

transcription of onscreen written composer commentary


Off Site Info:

Larger Images in my Picasa Album

Official Site:  track titles, and misc. frou-frou (e-cards, video), more info on editions

Sell Sheet

"Use Well the Days", a behind the scenes portrait: video segment covering Annie Lennox is available with the online content


The Internet Limited Edition was only available for purchase from the official soundtrack sites. It looks like it was only about $5 (US) more than the Limited Edition and I was a fool for not buying it. But, what can I say, sometimes... $5 is $5.


Limited Edition

(color: green)

This was packaged with a
paper band encircling the leatherette cover.

The back is unmarked.

The paper interior is the same
as the FOTR-LE except one slipcase is replaced by a plastic tray with a nub.

The spine says,


The Return of the King


with product number

info card displayed on the back of the ROTK-LE package


ROTK LE cd disc


ROTK LE dvd disc


bellyband artwork



Larger Images in my Picasa Album