Isengard Unleashed

Track 17 - TTT


(4:55) Haldir is killed in battle. The Uruk-hai use ballistae to mount the walls of the Hornburg and the retreat is called. The Ents march to Isengard and have their business with rock and stone.



A solo voice with chorus sings a lament as Haldir is wounded, first superficially and then mortally, on the Deeping Wall. HS COMMENT


He gazes out at all the Elves lying dead around him...


...with a look of bewilderment. Aragorn reaches him as he collapses but...


...he is already dead.


Aragorn places a hand on Haldir's breast...


and lets him go.


Ar sindan (óriello) óriello caita (mornië)

Ar ilyë (ar) tier (il) undulávë lumbul-(bul)-ë... (Choir in italics) - till 0:44


The singing has been replaced by fast paced music punctuated by brass.


Aragorn rides a tipping ladder down to the ground and continues the fight.


The Uruks are battering through the door of the keep with a ram. (The music on the CD is shorter than in the movie here.) The Uruks are everywhere and the Rohirrim and Elves are making a mad scramble to get to the keep.

(The music that plays as Gimli and Aragorn go out to the causeway to hold back the Uruks is not on the CD.)


Two phrases of the The Cruelty of the Orcs plays over a 5 Beat Pattern as the Uruk-hai ready their ballistae. (The music is longer in the movie than on the CD)


The Isengard Theme plays as huge ladders with Uruks clinging to them are hoisted up onto the tall wall of the Hornburg.


Legolas shoots an arrow slicing through one of the ladder cables causing it to fall back to the ground.

(The music that plays Gimli and Aragorn still fighting on the causeway is not on the CD.)


The battle action music is replaced by a quiet phrase as Théoden says, "Pull everybody back."


The Rohan Theme mixed with the Fellowship Theme plays on lower brass, then the Rohan Theme mixed with the Lothlórien Theme plays on higher brass. (see note below) We get an aerial view of the retreat and the extent of the Uruk invasion.

(Meanwhile, back in Fangorn Forest, Treebeard has just discovered the full treachery of Saruman and has called the other Ents. "My business is with Isengard tonight...")


"...with rock and stone." A chorus softly sings the Nature's Reclamation Theme and the Ents emerge from Fangorn. "The Ents are going to war. It is likely... that we go to our doom. The Last March of the Ents." HS COMMENT



rithannen i geven

thangen i harn

na fennas i daur

ôl dűr ristannen

eryn... -till 2:58


A solo voice joins the chorus as the Ents begin striding towards Isengard.





i ngelaidh dagrar

ristar thynd, cúa tawar

dambedir -till 3:15


The Orcs have an Ent on the ground and Treebeard throws a boulder at them. Another Ents stomps on an Orc. Saruman comes out of Orthanc onto a balcony looking a little flustered. The Ents are wreaking havoc on Isengard.


Strings become dominant in a phrase that is repeated twice in the movie. The Ents break the dam that holds back the river Isengard.


The chorus starts singing again in ascending phrases that grow in pitch and intensity. The river is flooding the valley. Merry and Pippin brace for the assault of the water as it flows around them and into the pits of Isengard. The music ends abruptly at the apex of the final ascending phrase.


Lyrics 0:00 - 0:44 from “Namarië

Lyrics 2:18 - 3:15 from “The Ents

Lyrics 4:00 - 4:55 from "The Ents"


From Namarië

From The Ents

From The Ents






[00:03] ar

[00:06] sindan


[00:13] óriello [00:19] caita


[00:23] ar ilyë [00:26] tier

[00:27] undulá [00:30]

[00:32] lum

[00:34] bul

[00:37] ë



[00:11] óriello



[00:21] mornië

[00:23] ar

[00:26] il




[00:34] bul

[02:19] ri

[02:22] than

[02:23] nen i

[02:25] (g)even

[02:28] than

[02:30] gen i

[02:32] harn

[02:35] na fen

[02:38] na(s) i

[02:42] daur ôl

[02:45] dűr ri

[02:48] (s)tan*

[02:51] nen ery

[02:55] n...

[02:59] ...echuiannen

[03:01] i ngelaidh

[03:03] da(g)ra(r)

[03:05] ri(s)tar

[03:07] thynd,

[03:08] cúa ta

[03:10] war dam

[03:13] ganed**

[4:00] than-
[4:01] nen

[4:03] i geven

[4:04] tha(n)-

[4:06] gen

[4:07] i harn

[4:09] Na

[4:10] fen-

[4:12] na(s) i

[4:13] daur ôl

[4:15] dűr

[4:16] ritha-

[4:18] hen-

[4:19] nen E
(phonetic lyrics indicate EH is sung but Sabsi can't hear it)

[4:21] ri-

[4:22] stannen

[4:24] eryn

[4:25] e-

[4:27] chuiannen

[4:28] (i ng)elaidh

[4:30] dagrar (Sabsi's not sure about this section)

[4:31] ri-

[4:33] (s)tar

[4:34] thynd

[4:36] cú-

[4:37] a

[4:44] tawar

[4:45] da(m)

[4:47] be(dir)

[4:51] ganed




The TTT Live choir lyrics indicate that some 'sounds' were dropped, probably for ease of singing. They are shown in parenthesis.

* the phonetic lyrics indicate 'than'

** as indicated by the TTT Live choir lyrics. Sabsi can't hear 'ganed'. 'bedir' would be the next word if they were following the source text




Note on the mixture of the Rohan Theme with the Fellowship and Lothlórien Theme:


We hear one phrase of the Rohan...


then the opening three notes from the Fellowship Theme


Trumpet plays another phrase of the Rohan Theme...


and then three more notes from the Lothlórien Theme






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