Track 15 - TTT


(0:00) The refugees find their place in the caves or on the Wall. Legolas apologizes for his lapse into despair. The battle of Helm's Deep begins.


The second part of the Rohan Theme plays as the refugees enter the Glittering Caves...


A choir begins to softly sing in slow, ascending chords. Gamling begins to dress the King in his armor. Thoden recites the English words of "The Call". Farmers, farriers, and stable boys receive their weapons and armor.


The Uruks advance.......... .


Hwr cwm helm?


Hwaer cwm byrne?


Hwr cwm feax flwende? -till 1:44


The choir having reached its peak, gives way a moment of quiet, low strings. "How did it come to this?"


A horn begins a call to battle that is forlorn and empty sounding. The Wall is abuzz with activity.


We cut to Aragorn, who is sitting despondently in the middle of the preparations.


He looks over to see two young boys, Haleth, son of Hma* and Henry, son of Viggo. (*also known as Calum, son of Philippa)


(Any music that covered Aragorn's conversation with Haleth, his shift in mood, and his preparations for battle are not on the CD.)


Quiet strings (I don't think this is in the movie)


Legolas hands Aragorn his sword.


A very quiet, short phrase of the Fellowship Theme plays as Legolas apologizes for his despair.


Brass echoes the final notes of the Fellowship Theme.


Another quiet string phrase plays as Gimli 'adjusts' his chain mail.

(The Uruk-hai have arrived at Helm's Deep. None of the music that was used for the arrival of the Elves in Helm's Deep is on the CD.)


A lonely, sad horn plays the Rohan Theme as we take another look at the refugees huddled in the caves.


Then we go back to Aragorn and the Elves that are arrayed on the wall.


(The two sides have looked at each other a bit. An arrow is loosed accidentally and...)


The Uruk captain roars the order and his troops advance.


"So it begins."


A strong, aggressive martial version of the Lothlrien Theme begins. (This iteration is not sung.)


The Elves notch their arrows and wait for the order. The order comes and...


the arrows are released


The Rohirrim send a volley, then the second wave of Elves sends another.


Horns echo each other and the pace picks up a little. (The noise of the battle makes it very hard to hear the music. There is more battle in the movie that takes place right here than music to cover it in the CD. But it's all pretty much the same... battle.)

(The Uruk-hai have climbed ladders to engage the Elves on the Deeping Wall. Legolas and Gimli have engaged in their own little 'battle' and Legolas yells, "19!")


The tempo picks up even more with raps of a drum in 5 Beat Pattern. The battle is fierce. The Uruks are swarming the Wall.


An urgent, fast paced Rohan Theme plays as the 5 Beat Pattern continues until they both wind down together.


Lyrics 0:45 - 1:44 from The Call

[00:45] Hwr
[00:49] cwm
[00:53] helm?
[00:57] Hwr
[01:01] cwm
[01:05] byr
[01:09] ne
[01:13] Hwr
[01:17] cwm
[01:22] feax
[01:26] flw
[01:30] en
[01:34] de







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