The Forbidden Pool

Track 13 - TTT


(5:20) Sam sees an Oliphaunt. Faramir interrogates Gollum and then considers taking the Ring from Frodo.


(I wish I could adequately describe the music in this track but I just don't have the musical vocabulary to do it justice. Much of this track was used with scenes dominated by the waterfall and Forbidden Pool of Henneth Annûn and the music evokes the shimmering, quiet, rippley quality of that water. So, since I can't do it right, I'll just provide the scene descriptions and you'll just have to listen to the music. Not a bad thing there.)


Frodo, Sam and Gollum are walking through Ithilien. Gollum is slithering on his stomach through a boulder strewn creek trying to catch fish. After Sam snaps at Gollum, Frodo tries to explain to him why he chooses to search for the good or pitiable in him. "I want to help him, Sam." "Why?" questions Sam. Oblivious to the conversation, Gollum looks up with his puppy expression at his master. Thanks to TheTennisBallKid for helping me place this music.


Sad music reminiscent of the Pity of Gollum theme plays as Frodo answers, "Because I have to believe he can come back." "You can't save him, Mr. Frodo."


Discomfort creeps into the music as Frodo snaps back sharply, "What do you know about it? Nothing! Nothing!"


Hurt, Sam looks at him, then walks away.


Contrite, Frodo apologizes. "I don't know what came over me." Sam confronts Frodo with the effect the Ring is having on him. Low strings vibrate under the slowly rising music. Frodo begins snapping again. "It's my task. Mine! My own!" (The music in the movie is a little longer than on the cd.)


A brooding phrase plays as Frodo stalks off. Sam calls after him. "Don't you know who you sound like?"


Sam, Frodo and Gollum have been watching the Haradrim who are moving through Ithilien on their way to Mordor. Suddenly, they spy Oliphaunts. This lumbering heavy music was heard just earlier, as well, while Gollum provides information about the Easterlings.


Faramir gets news that 'the third one' has been found. He goes to the sleeping Hobbits and tells Frodo to come with him.


They go outside the cave which is high on a bluff near the waterfall.


Faramir points and says quietly, "Down there."


Frodo hesitates but moves to the edge...


...and looks over the edge to see the pool far beneath him and the creature Gollum diving in it.


Faramir tells him that "To enter the Forbidden Pool bears the penalty of death." and he points to readied archers on both sides of them.


Frodo looks down at Gollum in the pool. "They wait for my command." prompts Faramir.


"Shall I shoot?" A quiet phrase plays while he waits for Frodo's response.


In the movie, Gollum is singing a little fish song. Frodo hesitates a long time.......


Faramir raises his hand, and Frodo says...


"Wait. This creature is bound to me and I to him."


This seems to surprise Faramir.


"Please." pleads Frodo. "Let me go down to him." Faramir agrees and Frodo goes down.


The Pity of Gollum plays as Frodo comes down to the pool and calls to Sméagol (who is now eating his 'battered' fish).


Frodo calls him, but Sméagol is wary.


"We must go now?" Sméagol asks.


The Pity of Gollum is moving into other music. Frodo is insistent. "You must trust Master. Follow me. Come on."


Sméagol puts the fish in his mouth and follows Frodo.


Frodo is coaxing Sméagol in a soothing voice. "Nice Sméagol. That's it. Come on."


Then a hand come from the side, grabs Sméagol by the neck... and stuffs him in a sack.



and stuffs him in a sack. (the climatic music heard as Sméagol struggles and Frodo pleads for him not to struggle is not on the soundtrack)


Trembling strings play under a quietly, plucked harp. Gollum is soothing the sobbing Sméagol is sobbing. "Why does it cry, Sméagol?" 


On the CD, lyrical strings begin a playing with the Pity of Gollum theme. However, in the movie, the trembling strings and plucked heart continue in a vein similar to that heard just previously at 3:40. Sméagol responds to Gollum: "Cruel men hurts us. Master tricksed us." Gollum answers matter-of-factly, "Of course he did. I told you he was tricksy. I told you he was false."  (The CR-TTT uses the music without the lyrical Pity of Gollum phrases.)


The movie now picks up the lyrical version of Pity of Gollum we've been hearing since 3:50 on the CD. Sméagol asserts, "Master is our friend... our friend." Gollum, more insistently, "Master betrayed us!" Sméagol's getting annoyed with Gollum. "No, not it’s business."


The music is ascending in pitch and intensity. Gollum pleads, "Leave us alone." Gollum's getting mad. He pounds his fist. "Filthy little hobbitses! They stole it from us!" Sméagol won't believe it. "No... no..." Faramir jumps in, "What did they steal?"


In the movie, the music ends abruptly. But on the CD, the ascending phrase continues while Gollum slowly turns, and comes then comes to climax as he growls, "My... PRECIOUS!! Ahhh!!" (Although... it's unconfirmed whether it was meant to play over that line, or whether it was scored for a longer cut of the film and would have still ended as Gollum turned. The CR-TTT does not include it.)


Faramir has come to Frodo to see "the Ring of Power within my grasp."


Soft choir begins singing the Seduction Theme. Faramir is contemplating the Ring. The chance for a captain of Gondor to show his quality. (In the movie, we only hear the first few lines to 4:55 when it is replaced by the unearthly sound of the Ring. None of the rest of this track is heard in the movie.)


I tuo, i macil
Astaldoron mauri

nai Cor(ma)
I tuo, i macil
Á lelyat túrenna



Lyrics 4:39 - 5:08 from “The Seduction of the Ring

[04:41] I tuo
i maci-il (a)stal
[04:48] do (changes notes so like 2 syllables)
[04:49] ron
[04:50] mau
[04:51] ri
[04:52] nai
[04:53] Cor
I tuo
[05:00] Á
[05:00] lel
[05:01] yat
[05:03] túrenna
[05:04] (renn)a


syllables in parenthesis have been left out








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