Helm's Deep

Track 12 - TTT


(3:46) The Warg Riders attack the refugees on their way to Helm's Deep. The refugees arrive safely, but the Riders of Rohan have suffered great losses from the battle.


As we catch our first glimpse of a Warg Rider lurking on a high rock outcropping, low brass plays the opening phrase of the Isengard Theme, which leads right into....


...fast paced, action music. The Warg Rider spurs his Warg to jump down onto Hama, unhorsing him.


The screen goes black as the Warg's teeth descend on Hama.


As the Warg tosses Hama aside, Gamling shouts the warning then engages the Rider in sword play.


Legolas leaps down and looses his arrows on the Warg and Rider. (This action packed music does not match the movie phrase for phrase and the short section covering Legolas' knife play and Aragorn's arrival on the scene is not on the CD.)


The rapid notes of a trumpet signal a new melody. Aragorn runs back to warn the others.


The refugees start to panic.


Théoden orders the Riders of Rohan to the head of the column. Gimli attempts to mount Arod.


Legolas runs ahead to the top of a rise to spy the advancing Warg Riders. (The last few notes of this phrase are not heard in the movie.)


Strong martial drum beats begin a section that is not quite as in the movie. (till - 1:46)


On the CD, a choir begins singing as Théoden rides back to ask Éowyn to lead the people to Helm's Deep. (In the movie, the choir from the OST 0:56-1:23, is not heard. Instead a Hardanger Fiddle plays a spare melody which work well in counterpoint to the choir. The singing from 1:23 - 1:38 is in the movie.)


The brass heard under the choir can be heard in the movie as Théoden turns from Éowyn to lead the Riders into battle. Aragorn mounts.


Gimli tries to make Arod go.


Éowyn assumes her role and attends to the refugees.


Aragorn looks back at Éowyn then turns and spurs his horse toward the battle. One last look from Éowyn and she turns to follow her path.


Hwær cwóm helm? Hwær cwóm byrne?


Hwær cwóm feax flowende?


Hwær cwóm hand on




Hwær cwóm scir fýr scinende? (till 1:38)


 This is a slight variant of the music heard at 0:24. It doesn't appear in the movie at this spot.


A few more of the martial drum beats (similar to those at 0:54) then a sustained note.

(None of the Warg battle music nor the search for Aragorn just after the battle made it onto the CD. Théoden has just said, "Leave the Dead." eliciting a strong reaction from Legolas.)


A quiet string passage plays as Théoden shares a moment with Legolas then turns to go...


...leaving the stunned Gimli and Legolas looking over the cliff.


We cut to the streaming refugees who catch sight of Helm's Deep.


A version of Éowyn Shieldmaiden of the Rohirrim plays. The doors of Helm's Deep open. Éowyn and the others walk in to see...


...the crowded hallways. A note is held as Éowyn takes it all in.


A melancholy phrase end the Shieldmaiden Theme as the camera pans back...


...then the Hardanger fiddle plays the first three parts of the Rohan Theme as we get the aerial view of Helm's Deep.


The final phrase of the Rohan Theme is heard as Freda and Éothain find their mother.


The Rohan Theme begins again as Théoden and the surviving Riders enter Helm's Deep.


Éowyn runs to them.


"So few. So few of you have returned." (The section where Éowyn receives the news of 'how few' and 'who' is left unscored.)


A few notes lead into a choral piece as a stunned Éowyn reacts to the news of Aragorn's fate.


Héo dréag ðá losinga

Earla ðinga ðe héo forléas.


Lyrics 0:56 - 1:38 from "The Call"
Lyrics 3:26 - 3:46 from “The Missing

[03:26] Héo
[03:29] dréag
[03:30] thá
[03:31] losinga
[03:35] Earla
[03:37] thinga
[03:38] the héo







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