The Leave Taking

Track 11 - TTT


(3:35) Elrond pleads for Arwen to board the ships that are leaving Middle-earth and in the end, she complies. Galadriel wonders about the future of Middle-earth and how well it will fare if all the Elves leave to let Men stand alone against Sauron.



(Elrond wants Arwen to leave Middle-earth. He has shown her future with a mortal and just said, "Arwen, there is nothing for you here, only death.")


A soft, slow melody plays. Elrond cradles the crying Arwen and asks her to choose. "Do I not also have your love?"


We cut to a shot of numerous Elves in capes and carrying lanterns leaving as a choir sings the Rivendell Theme. Arwen is with them and...


Elrond is watching from a high veranda. The choir continues singing a melody that fits well with the Rivendell Theme. As walks away with the others, Arwen looks up at her father and he down at her.


The Lothlórien Theme plays as the voice of Galadriel begins speaking (telepathically) to Elrond in Elvish. (These are the words she spoke in the prologue of FOTR.) She discusses the future of Middle-earth. Things aren't looking good.


An ascending phrase takes over. "Frodo begins to understand....


The quest will claim his life."



Man ammen toltha i dann hen


Si dannatha.


Melmelma nóren sina

Núra lá earo

nairelma (I think)
Tercáno Nuruva.


The Ring is gathering strength. Nameless Fear plays as we see a shot of the Ring tumbling in the air, as if it had been tossed up. "It works hard now to find its way back into the hands of men." Blindfolded, Frodo and Sam are being led along by Gondorian Rangers.


Faramir is so close to the Ring.  If he succumbs to the Ring's seduction, the world will fall. The History of the Ring Theme plays.


Low ominous notes begin as Galadriel continues. "For Sauron will have dominion over all life on this Earth...


Low woodwind trill sadly. "...even unto the ending of the world. The time of the Elves is over."


But a more hopeful phrase ends the track. "Do we leave Middle-earth to it's fate? Do we let them stand alone?"


Lyrics 0:30 - 0:49 from “Hymn to Elbereth

Lyrics 0:49 - 1:12 from "Grace of the Valar"
Lyrics 1:13 - 1:40 from “Footsteps of Doom

Lyrics 1:41 - 2:02 from “Lament for Gandalf, chorus

Lyrics 2:03 - 2:19 from “The Prophecy


[0:30] Nef

[0:37] Elbereth Gil

[0:49] boe

[0:53] naer

[0:56] nant

[0:58] ui

[1:02] ben-estel*

*The FOTR Live symphony's
choir lyrics tell us this is 'estel'
but neither Sabsi or I think it
sounds like 'estel'

[1:13] Man

[1:16] ammen
[1:17] toltha
[1:18] i
[1:19] dann
[1:19] hen
[1:20] morn
[1:25] Si
[1:28] danna
[1:28] atha...
[1:30] nauva.
[1:41] Mel
[1:44] melma
[1:45] nóren
[1:46] sina
[1:53] nur
[1:54] a la
[1:55] ëaro
[1:56] núri

[1:58] va
[2:13] va







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