The White Rider

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(2:22) Two scenes with Gandalf. First he reveals himself as the new and improved, Gandalf the White. Then he steps up to his position of the new White to battle wills with the old White, Saruman the White, for the release of Théoden King.


(Théoden has just said, "You have no power here Gandalf the Grey) Gandalf rips off his grey Lórien cloak to reveal that he is not Gandalf the Grey.


The Choir yells out the challenge from the Balrog fight, "To the end" (see note below) and Théoden is pushed into the back of this throne.




Gandalf acknowledges that his foe here is Saruman. "I will draw you, Saruman, as poison is drawn from a wound."


He points his staff at Théoden and advances.


Over a persistent 5 Beat Pattern, strong voices provide a backdrop for the internal battle of wills between the two wizards, played out in the body of Théoden.


Lim-strang wæs geboren

Bearn (léod-cyn)inga

Magorinc (Mearces.

Bunden) in byrde  (see note below)


'Théoden' lunges at Gandalf who lunges back and the result is Saruman being flipped on his back, skidding across the floor at Orthanc.

(The Three Hunters have just found Gandalf in the forests of Fangorn. He was Gandalf the Grey but now...)


"I am Gandalf the White. And I come back to you now at the turn of the tide." Slow, solemn arpeggio culminate in a...


...fanfare of horns. (The fanfare/choral piece from 1:01 to 2:00 is not in the movie. It was early score for the arrival of Shadowfax which follows the previous cue at 0:40. see note below)


Choral voices sing a slow 3/4 melody. This music was not used in the movie.


for ðon hé waes Sceadufæx

hláford ealra méara


A grand version of the White Rider (in the Fellowship) Theme plays as we cut to the four riding away from Fangorn Forest across the plains of Rohan.


Lyrics 0:03 - 0:10 from “The Fight
Lyrics 0:13 - 0:38 from “The King
Lyrics 1:15 - 2:00 from “The Mearas


[00:13] Lim-
[00:14] strang
[00:16] wæs
[00:18] ge-
[00:19] bo-
[00:21] ren
[00:23] Bearn
[00:25] in
[00:27] ga
[00:28] Ma-
[00:30] go-
[00:32] rinc
[00:34] Bun-
[00:36] den
[01:15] for
[01:19] ðon
[01:27] waes
[01:31] Scea
[01:35] du
[01:38] fæx
[01:43] hlá
[01:44] ford
[01:47] eal
[01:51] ra ?
[01:55] méara ?



Note on Mettana:

I think it was used here to connect Gandalf's battle with the Balrog to his battle with Saruman. Because Saruman the White, leader of the White Council, had abnegated his role as emissary of the Valar by aligning himself with Sauron, a void was created. Saruman was, in fact, no longer white (read the book) and Gandalf was sent back to deal with Saruman's treachery and fill the void left by it. It was through the battle with the Balrog that Gandalf could be transformed into Gandalf the White.

Note on The King lyrics:

The singing on the CD (0:13 - 0:38) is shorter than in the movie. I have listened to both carefully and determined that the full phrase shown above at 0:13 is sung in the movie but notes were chopped out for the CD (before singing, I'm certain). I'm pretty sure the syllables were kept together with the notes to which they were attached, so when a note was dropped the syllable was also dropped... leaving the words a bit chopped up. The CR-TTT has the full version.


Note on the arrival of Shadowfax:

Doug Adams comment: There was actually quite a bit of music written for each film that never made it to theaters. ...the CD (OST) debut of Shadowfax is different than the film. (The LOTR Symphony, by the way, uses the film version.) --- 12-29-2003 forum thread

If one plays the CD music in sync with the movie, matching up cues from 0:40 - 1:01, then one can get an idea of how this clip could have been used for the arrival of Shadowfax. As Gandalf, in the movie, gives a high, piercing whistle, the CD plays a fanfare. The CD music not only fits, very well, the video of Shadowfax galloping in from the plains, stopping in front of Gandalf to accept a caress on the head from him... but the White Rider Theme that comes right after that in both the movie and the CD sync up well. It's quite fun to do this. more info






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