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(3:10) A vision of Aragorn's death. Aragorn remembers. He and Arwen discuss the path he must take... and her place in it.


(Elrond is trying to convince Arwen to leave on the ships, thus retaining her immortality. She wants to stay with Aragorn and he has just told her, "Whether by the sword or the slow decay of time, Aragorn will die." This music was not intended for this scene. See note below.)


The Evenstar Melody is sung by a choir and soloist, Isabel Bayrakdarian. We switch from a shot of Elrond's face to a vision of the future. Aragorn's body is lying in state with Arwen grieving over it.


The scene shifts forward in time. The body has been interred in a tomb and Arwen stands vigil. (In the movie, the scene continues with Arwen walking the earth alone while the solo voice goes through the Evenstar Theme again. This reprise is not on the CD.)


Ú i vethed nâ i onnad.

Si boe ú-dhanna.

Ae ú-esteli, esteliach nad. -till 0:30


(We jump to the scene where Aragorn, in Rohan, is dreaming a memory of being with Arwen in Rivendell. He opens his eyes to see her. She kisses him and tells him to 'Sleep'. The music just before this, when Aragorn 'wakes up' to find himself in Rivendell, is the Evenstar Melody but it is not the iteration of it that's on the CD. It is sung by a soft choir with no predominate solo vocal and it is not the entire melody.)


A slow rendition of Aragorn's Theme is heard as Arwen gives Aragorn another kiss and rises from the divan.


The singing reprises Aragorn's Theme as he says, "You told me once... this day would come."


Nâ boe ú i.


The choir pauses once more as Arwen tells Aragorn, "This is not the end... it is the beginning. You must go with Frodo. That is your path."


Aragorn has risen to join Arwen. "My path is hidden from me." Arwen reassures and encourages him.


Aragorn's Theme plays again. "If you trust nothing else... trust this (Evenstar)... trust us."


Aragorn sighs and takes her hand... a tender moment between the two of them as they face the path that separates them.


The choir with soloist resumes the Evenstar Melody as they kiss and then...


Estelio han, estelio han, estelio,

estelio han, estelio veleth.


we cut back to Rohan and a close-up of the Evenstar pendant. Aragorn is walking in Rohan next to Éowyn...


"Where is she? The woman who gave you that jewel."

(In the movie, Aragorn remembers his debate with Elrond over Arwen's fate. Elrond is persuasive. This music is not on the CD.)


Aragorn tries to give the Evenstar back to Arwen. "It was a dream, Arwen. Nothing more." Arwen is shocked, then a little angry. "It was a gift." This is a sparse variant of the Evenstar Melody.


She closes his hand over the pendant. "Keep it."


We cut back to Rohan and Aragorn is ready to answer Éowyn's question. "She is sailing to the Undying Lands... with all that is left of her kin." Éowyn looks away.


Lyrics 0:00 - 2:30 from “Evenstar


[0:00] U i ve- (U)
[0:03] thed na i on- (i)
[0:07] nad. Si boe u- (ve)
[0:11] dhanna* (thed)
[0:15] ae u-es (Na)
[0:19] teli.. (i)
[0:23] esteli (on)
[0:27] ach nad (nad)

[0:47] (Na)
[0:50] (boe)
[0:54] (u)

[0:58] (i)

[1:57] Estelio (Te)
[2:01] han, Esteli (li)

[2:05] o han este (ach)
[2:09] lio (nad)
[2:13] Esteli (Es)
[2:17] o han (te)
[2:21] esteo* (li-o)
[2:25] veleth (han)


This music is in 3/4 and each line above represents one bar of music.

The syllables in parenthesis is the choir's part. 3:22 - 3:33 is sung by the choir only

*dhanna - dhannathach
*esteo - este(li)o


note on the Evenstar Music:

In the movie, we hear the first section of this singing during the vision of Aragorn's death. (The AS-TTT refers to Sheila Chandra's vocals being tracked in but this is not correct. It is clearly Isabel Bayrakdarian's solo of Evenstar.) This music was not intended for this scene but, instead, was written for the earlier "This is a dream" scene. In regards to the "This is a dream" scene, Doug Adams writes, "Lyric soprano Isabel Bayrakdarian enters singing “Evenstar” over female chorus divided three ways. ... Isabel Bayrakdarian’s first statement of the Evenstar (Arwen & Aragorn) theme is not heard in the final film. Instead, the female chorus and the harp arpeggios carry the first moments of Aragorn’s flashback by themselves." (AS-TTT) The music intended for Elrond and Arwen's conversation over what it means to be mortal can be heard on the CR-TTT.






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