The Black Gate is Closed

Track 7 - TTT


(2:50) Frodo told Gollum to take them to the Black Gate so he did.  But now he's got another suggestion.


We see Sam climbing up a sheer rock wall with Frodo behind him. Gollum is waiting at the top and says, "The Black Gate of Mordor."


Blaring notes mimic the beginning of Sauron's Theme as the camera pans up so we can see the immense Black Gate.


The music moves into a quiet but jittery, ominous piece. Sam is overwhelmed and Gollum is covering his face in fear. Frodo joins them at the top of the rock wall.


The high blaring notes playing Sauron's Theme, for real this time, come back as we cut to a shot of Orcs patrolling the top of the Black Gate.


Then lower horns reprise the Theme as we cut back to the Hobbits and Gollum. It dwindles away as Sam says, "We can't get past that." into...


...a final low note. Troops are marching into Mordor.


Horns blow on the wall and huge Trolls begin pulling the Gate open to let in the Easterling Troops.


Sam realizes this is their opportunity -- the Gate is opening.


He gets set to climb down...


...but the rock gives way and Sam falls with it. (The music covering Sam's fall is not on the CD)


The music changes dramatically to a light, shimmering expectant melody. Frodo and Sam were trying to make a run for the Gate but Gollum has pulled them back. He's frantic that Sauron will get the Ring if Frodo goes in there.


a very light airy statement of the History of the Ring Theme plays the frantic Sméagol says, "Always he is looking for it and the Precious is wanting to go back to him."


But a sneaky tone creeps in as Gollum hisses, "But we mustn't let him have it."

(about 18 seconds of music from the movie is missing here. The Gate is starting to close and Frodo is scrambling toward it. Gollum grabs him with news of 'another way.' Sam confronts him over the suddenness of this news, but Gollum whines, "Master did not ask.")


The strings continue their light, airy work as a lower more ominous undertone sneaks in. Sam is sure that Gollum is up to something. Frodo divides his attention between Gollum as he describes this 'other way' and the closing Black Gate. The music winds down as Frodo considers his options. Sméagol is pleading with and pawing at Frodo. Finally, Frodo decides and...


the faint hope in Gollum's face is echoed in the music. He looks up at Frodo, sitting up straight.


Sam is incredulous but Frodo has decided. "Lead the way, Sméagol."


The music moves between the joy of Sméagol...


...and the profound disappointment of Sam...


...and the Black Gate closes.





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