The King of the Golden Hall

Track 6 - TTT


(3:49) This track covers three scenes: Gandalf and the Three Hunters arrival in Edoras -- Their entrance into Meduseld -- Théoden's mourning at Théodred's tomb.


We see Gandalf, Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli riding as the first few notes of the Fellowship Theme play...


...then a Hardanger fiddle plays a few notes of the Rohan Theme as they spot Edoras. (In the movie it is played on horns.)


Gandalf says, "Edoras, the Golden Hall of Meduseld."


Horns play a phrase that is not in the movie.


Éowyn flees the closeness of Théodred's death bed and Grima's attention to the open air of Meduseld's parapet as her Shieldmaiden Theme plays. She looks around, a bit lost, and sees...


...four riders approach from off in the distance. A lonely rendition of the Rohan Theme is played on Hardanger fiddle (In the movie, it's played on horns). Éowyn stands inert, as the flag of Rohan rips off its standard and flies away in the wind.


The four ride up to the gate as the flag flutters down to the ground next to them.


Lush horns join in as the four riders enter Edoras and we cut to a wide shot...


that pans around the city. Horns and Hardanger join in a fuller version of the Rohan Theme but give way to...


...a sparse version of Éowyn Shieldmaiden's Theme plays as the the Fellowship sub-set ride up the streets of Edoras. (The music in the movie for this part is a little longer and phrases have been 'snipped out' for the CD.)


Gimli comments that he's seen more cheer in a graveyard as the Éowyn's Theme comes to an end. (The music for this continues on a little longer in the movie.)


The deep, ominous notes of Grima's Theme plays as the Fellowship walks toward Théoden and Gríma (who's whispering in Théoden's ear).. It's hard to hear the music in the movie and it lasts longer there than on the CD. But the CD music is used as Gríma says, "Lathspell I name him. Ill news is an ill guest." The music used for Gandalf's response is not on the CD. Instead the steadily rising music culminates in...


...a long high note, held a few seconds as Gandalf whips out his staff.


"His staff! I told you to take the wizard's staff!" whines the worm. They try to take the wizard's staff as an ascending phrase in a 5 Beat Pattern plays but Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli have other ideas. Gandalf ignores them as he slowly walks toward Théoden, calling to him. The Three Hunters (now the Three Fighters?) dispatch Grima's crew and Gimli makes sure Gríma stays put as the aggressive 5 Beat Pattern gives way to more quietly threatening material that slowly crescendos. All attention is focused on Théoden as thudding beats join in. It all...


ends just as Gandalf says to Théoden, "I release you."

(The music used for Gandalf's exorcism of Saruman from Théoden can be found in The White Rider.)


The music gently and softly resumes. Théoden is mourning at Théodred's tomb. Some of the music covering the conversation between Théoden and Gandalf is on the CD but some phrases have been snipped out.


An oboe joins the melody as Théoden begins crying after saying that "No parent should have to bury their child."


Soft, choral voices join in the rising music as Gandalf says, "He was strong in life."


Of cilde tó menn


Gandalf farewells Théodred: "Westu hál. Ferðu, Théodred, ferðu."


Ðæt hé his déað geséo.


The voices rise as we cut to a wide shot of Gandalf and Théoden, then back to a close up. Gandalf begins to leave but catches sight of an approaching horse.


The final 'ah..' of the chorus is replaced in the movie by a horn as we see the horse is carrying two exhausted children.


Lyrics 2:58 - 3:45 from “The Fallen

[02:58] Of
[03:02] cilde
[03:07] menn
[03:11] Thæt
[03:17] his
[03:19] déath
[03:23] ge-
[03:27] o.
[05:31] thæt
[05:37] hear
[06:39] de
[06:43] sóth







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