The Uruk-hai

Track 5 - TTT


(2:42) The first part of this track reconnects us with the Three Hunters as they chase the Uruk-hai who have taken Merry and Pippin. The second part of the track covers our reconnection with the alliance of the 'Two Towers', Orthanc (in Isengard) and Barad-dûr. The final 15 seconds are not in the movie.


A spare rendition of the opening notes of the Fellowship Theme are heard as we see Aragorn with his ear to the ground, listening for the Uruk-hai that have taken Merry & Pippin.


The spare rendition continues with a variant of the Fellowship Theme as he calls to Legolas, who appears and in turn...


...calls to Gimli. (In the movie, Gimli has his own music as he appears. That isn't on the CD.)


A bold version of the full Fellowship Theme plays over aerial shots of the Three Hunters running over the countryside.


A woodwind melody is heard as Aragorn stops to pick up the Lórien brooch that Pippin has dropped. Aragorn and Legolas realize the two Hobbits may still be alive and the...


Fellowship Theme resumes as they feel encouraged to keep running...


...although "Dwarves are wasted on cross-country. They're natural sprinters - very dangerous over short distances."


One last statement of the Fellowship Theme moves into a quiet phrase as the Three Hunters climb up a rise to see...


...the vast plains of Rohan as we hear a bold, lush version of the Rohan Theme.


The mood changes with more threatening music played over the Five Beat Pattern (not in movie) and transitions into...


...Sauron's Theme. The camera pans over hordes of troops emptying out of Barad-dûr. Saruman is communicating with Sauron through the palantír.


"A union exists between the Two Towers." A rhaita reprises Sauron's Theme as the camera sweeps up the side of the tower and...


...horns join in as we get to the top and the Eye of Sauron with Mount Doom erupting off in the distance.


An abrupt switch is made back to the Isengard Theme paired with the Five Beat Pattern and shots of trees meeting their doom in the fires of Isengard. HS COMMENT


Two long notes are blared on horns and move back into the Isengard Theme. This music is not used in the movie.






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