Riders of Rohan

Track 3 - TTT


(4:01) This track covers three different scenes. First: The Three Hunters meet the Riders of Rohan. Second: Gandalf rides to find Éomer. Third: The transformed Théoden reassumes his role as King.


The cue opens with low vague strings as Aragorn, while traversing Rohan, hears the neigh of a horse and the Three Hunters duck for cover behind some rocks. A quiet sustained note give way to...


louder sustained notes with instrumental pulses as Men on horseback ride over the top of the rise. Aragorn and Legolas watch them ride by then emerge from the rock to call after them. "Riders of Rohan! What news from the Mark?"


A horn blares as a tilted spear gives the signal for the horsemen to double back.


The Three Hunters are completely surrounded by horsemen as the music becomes a complex mixture of instruments and rhythms.


 The chaos of the music comes to a halt with the crash of the cymbals as the spears come down to point at the center of the circle... where stand Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli.


Soft horns begin an ascending phrase. Gandalf is preparing to leave Edoras to ride for Éomer's help. He bemoans his lack of time then mounts Shadowfax. He tells Aragorn, "At first light on the fifth day....


 ... at dawn, look to the East" as strings join in the ascension...


...till it culminates in a variant of the White Rider Theme played on horns as the already galloping Shadowfax runs out of the stable door and across the fields of Rohan.


Some connecting material not in the movie. (Salome D'Souza thought this was the music played when Éowyn is swinging her sword around. It is similar but I'm not convinced it's exactly the same. It seems unlikely that a few seconds of music would be tracked in from the sword scene to the post-exorcism scene. It's more likely that this music was used here as connecting material due to it's similarity to the music used elsewhere for Éowyn...or that there was some little snippet of scene cut from the post exorcism scene that used similar music.)


Éowyn's Shieldmaiden Theme is played on strings and then


...woodwinds join the melody. This music is not exactly like that used in the movie. In the movie, very similar music plays as Théoden 'wakes up' and recognizes Éowyn's face. Éowyn is ecstatic.


 A full, noble version of the Rohan Theme is played on horns in counterpoint with each other as the transformed Théoden stands, looks around him dazedly and has his sword brought to him.


As the Hardanger fiddle takes it's turn with the second part of the Rohan Theme, Théoden slowly reaches out to take his sword. He looks first at the sword and then, as the Rohan Theme winds down with a bit of a menacing tone...


... at Grima Wormtongue. Sustained, ascending phrases accompany Grima's sniveling until....


... he is chucked out the door. The sniveling continues as Théoden descends the stairs outside Meduseld towards Wormtongue.


"I've only ever served you my lord." doesn't work and...


Théoden raises his sword to smite him, but is stopped by Aragorn who pleads for the end to the bloodletting.






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