Taming of Smagol

Track 2 - TTT


(2:45) The Hobbits are lost but not alone. Gollum crashes the party and Frodo utilizes Sting to make him agreeable.


A quiet but cheery Pensive Setting of the Shire A plays as Frodo and Sam eat lembas bread but ends on a slightly melancholy note as Sam looks at the approaching rain clouds.


A soft choir begins a slow melody that starts out a bit melancholy but then turns slightly menacing. (This is not in the movie.)


l (i) caeda na nf (Ta) i pellen anor (til 1:09)


From above we see the Hobbits sleeping as high strings hold their note till the cimbalom joins them to begin the tentative premier of Gollum's new theme, the sneaky and jittery Gollum's Menace Theme. Gollum is creeping down the rock face towards the two Hobbits.


The cimbalom fades into a moment of silence as Gollum reaches toward the sleepers and then....


an explosion of frantic strings and menacing brass as, having feigned sleep, they reach up to grab Gollum's outstretched hand and the fight is on. After much tussling and fussing, Gollum gets a hold of Sam by the neck and...


The music calms into a expectant sustained 'note' as Frodo introduces Gollum to Sting


The Menace of Gollum creeps back in as Frodo makes a deal Gollum can't refuse and as the music fades, they come to an agreement -- to Sam's benefit.


Lyrics 0:26 - 1:08 from The Road to Mordor

Our best guess. See THIS NOTE

[0:26] l (i)
[0:29] cae-
[0:32] da
[0:38] na
[0:42] nf (Ta)
[0:46] i
[0:48] pel-
[0:50] len
[0:55] pel-
[0:58] len
[1:01] anor
(or just 'a...' not sure)





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