The End of All Things

Track 16 - ROTK


(5:04) Frodo claims the Ring. Gollum takes the Ring. Frodo fights Gollum. Barad-dur falls. The Eagles rescue Frodo and Sam.


(Frodo has made his way to the Crack of Doom but the Ring calls to him and wins. "The Ring is mine.")


A pounding choir belts out the theme, Mount Doom, over the Mordor Outline as Frodo rips the Ring from its chain


Sin eriol


...and, with a wicked smile, puts it on his finger.


natha tr


Sam cries out, "No!" and the Eye whips it's gaze from the Black Gate to Mount Doom. The Nazgl wing away from the battlefield toward the mountain.


n garnen Mi naurath


The choir begins singing a series of triplets (see note below) as Sam observes the empty footprints of the now invisible Frodo. Over Sam's shoulder, Gollum creeps up and knock him on his head with a rock. Gollum sees the footprints too and....

(...leaps onto the still invisible Frodo. There is about 22 more seconds of music in the movie than on the CD and it can be difficult to tell exactly which triplet in the movie corresponds with the triplet on the CD.  I may have the matches wrong. But an exact match probably isn't very important. The triplet phrase played while Gollum leaps on Frodo and the one played while Aragorn turns to see the Troll are very similar.)


Boe hedi i
Han i van gad i moe ben...


 The choir's triplets are climbing in scale. Back at the Black Gate the battle is frenzied. Aragorn hears a roar and turns to find a gigantic Troll descending on him.


garnen Sin e...


We cut from Aragorn fighting the Troll to Gollum wresting with the still invisible Frodo. The choir sings a phrase not in triplet time.


riol cili(th)

(Gollum pulls his hands to his mouth and bites. Suddenly Frodo is visible. He falls to his knees, clutching his hand as Gollum scampers off him.)


The triplets return as Aragorn, who is fighting the Troll, falls to the ground. Legolas is desperate to reach him but can't push through the throng of Men and Orcs. The nine-fingered Frodo falls to the ground next to Sam and Gollum removes the severed finger from the Ring.


boe min mebi
Boe min ban...


The choir holds one last note of the Mount Doom theme as Gollum holds up the Ring.



(This whole section, from 0:00 to 1:08 is difficult to justify phrase by phrase to the movie. The significant phrase - triplets interspersed with longer held notes - is used more times in the movie than is heard on the CD. I'm pretty sure I've got the TE version lined up and it seems the EE version is pretty similar but perhaps not exactly the same as the TE as it aligns with the CD. Good enough, is my judgment.)


The choir and all music drops out for a moment as the soprano voice begins. The camera pans up, through the Ring. We see the fires of Mount Doom below the precipice upon which Gollum stands.


Sin eri...


The music and low choral voices creep back in as the soprano continues.


The camera cuts back to Aragorn, exhausted on the ground with the Troll advancing on him. Legolas is still frantically trying to get to him. Back in Sammath Naur, Gollum is ecstatic. Frodo is on the ground, holding his bleeding hand. Gollum is doing his happy dance but Frodo is not happy.


...ol m beleg gannen
cilith 'war
Boe min mebi
Boe min bango


As a tense little reminder of the History of the Ring Theme interrupts the voices, Frodo stands up and advances on Gollum.


The pounding choir and tympani resume the Mount Doom theme over the Mordor Outline. Frodo slowly advances on Gollum then begins wrestling with him. At the Black Gate, the Troll stomps his foot down on Aragorn who stabs at it with his knife. After a quick look at Gandalf, we return to the precipice and see...


Boe hedi i vn.
Sin eriol m beleg gan...


...Gollum and Frodo tumble over the edge.




The Mount Doom theme crescendos to a stop, and the choir pauses a minute...

(Gollum, holding the Ring, falls into the lava and is consumed by it. The Ring, however, lays on top. Back at the precipice, we see Frodo hanging on with his one good hand. Sam calls out for Frodo to take his hand and Frodo tries, but can't catch hold of it. Once Sam cries out, "No" the music in the movie is the same as the music heard on track 15, The Black Gate Opens (3:07 - 3:28) but minus the tin whistle as heard on the CD. See note below.)


...then resumes at full strength, but in a slower, more subdued manner. (not in movie)


Si, na vethed

I wilith ria


I ardhon ban lacha!

Nu da(lav)

naid bain


erin le regi.


The choir slowly sings the first three notes of the Fellowship Theme (not in movie: this would sync with the moment, just after the large troll runs away, that we see first Gandalf, then Legolas, then Aragorn getting up from the ground)...


...then the music and voices move into a triumphant crescendo of the Destruction of the Ring theme. Although this phrase is heard a couple of times in the movie, I believe the significant scene is the shot of Barad-dur beginning to crumble after the destruction of the Ring. (With the release of the CR-ROTK, I can confirm that this phrase is quite similar to that heard when Barad-dur starts to crumble. The similarity between the movie and the OST is only momentary as the OST moves quickly to the Eagles music.)


erin le

()na(d) (lei)thi(o) (two connecting notes)

-erich (crescendo)

o nin gwanno.


The choir fades off to silence then...

(Barad-crumbles, those at the Black Gate are jubilant as they realize that Frodo has destroyed the Ring. A wave emanates out from the ruined tower (echoing Sauron's defeat in the prologue) and a hole opens up at the Black Gate. The crescendo of the Destruction of the Ring theme, heard at 3:52, is reprised a few times as the Orc troops spill into the enlarging chasm and, in the distance, Mount Doom erupts violently. The Fellowship at the Black Gate turn from joy to horror and grief as they realize what this means for Frodo and Sam. Back at mountain, the two Hobbits do escape from Sammath Naur. Frodo feels relief from the destruction of the Ring but they both realize they will not survive the destruction of the mountain. After Sam's expression of regrets, Frodo takes him in his arms and tells him, "I'm glad to be with you, Samwise Gamgee...  here at the end of all things" The screen turns black. ~and 14 people leave the theater thinking it's over~)


The soprano returns with the picture. Frodo and Sam are prostrate on the rock, surrounded by lava. But out of the lightening sky, three Eagles fly into view. Gandalf is riding the first, and it swoops down to pick up one of the Hobbits. The second picks up the other.


From above, we see the still conscious Frodo as he soars above the fire below.


As the soprano finishes her solo, Frodo's eyes slowly close and the picture fades from Gorgoroth to Ithilien.


Orthannen im vi l

Coll e d

Or hiriath naur

Na rovail mae sui '(whew)

Man prestant i ardhon?

Cerithar aen (illiad) dim thenin?



Lyrics 0:00 - 2:17 from The Destruction of the Ring

Lyrics 2:17 - 3:10 from The Mountain of Fire

Lyrics 3:10 - 3:36 from Not Once, Not Ever

Lyrics 3:36 - 4:09 from Don't Let Go

Lyrics 4:09 - 5:04 from The Eagles


Note on unused music from this track and the music used to score the dangling scene.

The music on this track, from about 2:13 to 3:52 was an earlier draft of the dangling scene and the destruction of the Ring. The movie is a little longer than the music so that means it was for a slightly different edit or some portion of the scene went unscored or the music for the OST was truncated slightly. JimJWare has prepared a video showing his match of music from the OST and from the CR to on screen action. Check the bottom of the page to watch.


Part of the scene in the movie uses the music as heard from 3:07 to 3:28 on the track, "The Black Gate Opens". Although most of this section of the track is heard only as Frodo dangles, the last bit, the crescendo at 3:26 (TBGO) is heard in an earlier scene as well. In that scene, at the side of the mountain, Frodo is exhausted and can't go on. The Ring is consuming him. The music heard as Sam says, "I can't carry it for you, but I can carry you." is the same as when he yells out to Frodo, "Reach!"


edit - January 2008: The AS-ROTK says: The Original Soundtrack Album to The Return of the King featured an earlier draft of Shores music for the Rings moment of destruction. I will take that to refer to the entire section discussed here... not just the one moment of the Ring's destruction.

Note on triplets.

I kept trying to figure out where I'd heard the music 0:30 - 1:05 before. My first guess was that it was used in the Wizard's fight in Treason of Isengard; but it wasn't. Finally, I realized that the similarity between the two pieces I was hearing was that they both used triplets which Danijel Legin identified as 'big triplets'.


Even though it can be difficult to hear and determine lyrics, the lyrics shown below are all from the MusicNotes sheet music and I have no reason to doubt their accuracy.

Frodo claims the Ring+


[00:00] Sin
[00:03] e
[00:04] ri
[00:05] ol
[00:07] na
[00:11] tha tr
[00:15] in
[00:18] gar
[00:21] nen
[00:23] Mi
[00:26] naurath
[00:30] O
[00:30] ro-in-Boe
[00:32] he-di-i
[00:34] Vn....
[00:37] Han-i-van
[00:39] gad-i-moe
[00:41] ben...
[00:42] tr-in-
[00:44] gar-nen-Sin
[00:46] e
[00:50] ri
[00:53] ol
[00:54] ci
[00:56] li
[00:58] ' war-boe-min
[00:59] me-bi-Boe
[01:01] min
[01:03] ban
[01:05] go



Gollum claims the Ring +
(choir in parenthesis)

[01:08] Sin
[01:12] e
[01:15] ri
[01:16] ol (ol)
[01:18] (na)
[01:20] m (m)
[01:21] be
[01:24] leg (leg)
[01:27] gan (gan)
[01:29] nen
[01:31] ()
[01:32] ci
[01:33] lith
[01:33] 'war
[01:34] Boe
[01:35] min (min)
[01:36] me
[01:37] bi
[01:38] Boe
[01:38] min (min)
[01:39] ban
[01:42] go (go)



Frodo Attacks Gollum +

[01:50] Boe
[01:51] he
[01:52] di
[01:54] i
[01:56] Vn.
[01:58] Sin
[01:59] e
[01:59] ri
[02:01] ol
[02:03] m
[02:05] be
[02:07] leg
[02:09] gan
[02:11] nen


Not in movie -

(Possibly scored for Frodo's dangling scene)

[02:17] Si
[02:21] na
[02:25] ve
[02:28] thed
[02:32] bain
[02:36] i
[02:40] wi

[02:44] lith
[02:47] ri
[02:48] a
[02:49] I
[02:50] ar
[02:51] dhon
[02:52] ban
[02:53] la
[02:54] cha
[02:55] Nu
[02:59] da
[03:03] naid

[03:14] e
[03:22] rin
[03:27] le
[03:29] re
[03:33] gi

[03:36] e
[03:40] rin
[03:43] le
[03:47] na
[03:53] thi (this is the first note of the triumphant destruction music)

[03:56] e
[03:57] ri
[03:58] o
[03:59] nin
[03:59] gwan
[04:00] no


The Eagles

(choir in parenthesis)

[04:09] Or (Or)
[04:12] than
[04:13] nen
[04:16] im
[04:17] vi (vi)
[04:17] l
[04:19] Coll
[04:20] e
[04:21] d
[04:24] Or (Or)
[04:27] hi
[04:28] ri
[04:29] ath
[04:30] naur
[04:30] Na
[04:31] ro
[04:32] vail (vail)
[04:34] mae
[04:36] su
[04:37] i
[04:39] Man (Ma)
[04:41] pre
[04:43] stant
[04:45] i
[04:45] ar
[04:46] dhon
[04:47] Ce (Ce)
[04:48] ri
[04:50] thar
[04:52] aen (aen)
[04:55] dim (dim)
[04:57] the
[04:58] nin (nin)






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