The Fields of the Pelennor

Track 13 - ROTK


(3:22) The Nazgûl attack Minas Tirith. The Rohirrim arrive and charge the Army of Mordor.


The track starts with the low rumble of a marching cadence. (If this is in the movie it is buried under Foley sound.) The faint horns of the arriving Rohirrim seem to mesh into the low note of the music. Gothmog looks up to find that the Rohirrim gathering at the top of the rise.


A quiet phrase of the Rohan Theme that leads into an ascending phrase. We cut to the Rohirrim and King Théoden who look down to the Fields of the Pelennor.


All music drops out but the martial cadence continues as the Rohirrim see the unbelievable masses assembled there by Sauron. (This lone marital cadence lasts longer in the movie as we see the faces of Éowyn, Merry and Éomer assessing their fate against the horde. Éowyn encourages Merry... I just realized the connection between 'courage'... "Courage Merry"... and 'encourage'.)


Gothmog refocuses his troops away from the city and toward the Rohirrim. The music comes back with a spare Rohan variant. (The first few notes are lost under the sounds of the Orcs.)


A funeral like dirge plays as Théoden instructs his commanders for the upcoming battle.


But music takes a lighter turn after Théoden cries "Arise, arise, Riders of Théoden.", slowly rising in scale, volume and spirit as he shouts out, "Spears shall be shaken, shields shall be splintered... a sword-day, a red day... ere the sun rises!"


(As Théoden begins clashing his men's spears with his sword, the movie begins the wonderful rendition of the Nature Theme which is, unfortunately, not on the CD. This moves to a poignant rendition of the Rohan Theme as the Rohirrim charge the Army of Mordor. Okay... definitely one of my favorite scenes, right up there with the Wounding and Death of Boromir!)

(This scene precedes the arrival of the Rohirrim but follows about 30 seconds after the scene from the end of Ash and Smoke. The Gondorians have unleashed their trebuchets and the Army of Mordor is returning the favor.)


Lower brass play the Witch King/Orcs of Mordor over a steady drum beat as a big chunk of rock come hurtling over the top battlement where Gandalf stands.


Higher brass join in with ascending notes as the lower brass move away from the Witch King/Orcs of Mordor. The pounding drums continue. Merry is running onto the battlement.


Brass play in unison for a final fanfare as a particularly large piece of masonry comes hurtling down toward Gothmog who holds his ground till the very last second. (The music stops altogether here in the movie as Gothmog looses a loogie on the offending masonry. A scream is heard and the Nazgûl arrive on the scene.)


A choral sings the Fourth Age theme, The Power of Mordor, over the Descending Third Motif. The Nazgûl wing over the city, wreaking havoc and spreading fear. (At times, it doesn't seem like there's a direct match between the CD and the DVD, but the time stamps are pretty close to the same in length and it's very hard to hear the music under all the battle noise.)


Ris-tai(s) dú-ath

Tel-lin i Ne-der

Gurth ren-i-a

(medi)tha han phan

Me-di-tha ard-hon


The choir begins pounding out the syllables in a steady rhythm

Ner-chen-nin o chuil

Coll am

Na wae-wath go-eyl

Tell-in i Ne-der

Gurth ren-i-a (ends at 2:53)


(We return to the Charge of the Rohirrim. The charge began with the Rohan Theme, which is not on the CD, and continues on...)


A triumphant melody plays as the Rohirrim ride hard down the hill toward the Army of Mordor screaming, "Death! Death!" The Orcs fire on the Rohirrim but the riders continue their mad charge. Even though the Orcs outnumber the Rohirrim, those closest to the charging horses are unnerved, breaking ranks to run away. The music ends as the riders penetrate the enemy line.


Lyrics 1:47 - 2:53 from “The Nazgûl



[01:47] Ris
[01:50] tais - dú
[01:53] ath
[01:55] Tellin
[01:58] i
[02:01] Neder

[02:07] reni
[02:10] a (
Med... not sung)
[02:12] tha han
[02:15] phan
[02:18] Medi
[02:21] tha
[02:24] ar

[02:32] ner
o chuill
[02:36] Coll
[02:37] am na

[02:39] goe
[02:42] lin i

[02:44] Gurth
[02:45] ren
[02:46] i






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