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(2:32) Elrond brings the newly reforged Andúril to Aragorn at Dunharrow.

Aragorn, sleeping at Dunharrow, has been summoned to King Théoden's tent where he finds a cloaked figure. The cloak is pulled back to reveal the face of...


Lord Elrond and Aragorn bows to him. A soft, solitary horn plays the Rivendell Theme (with no arpeggios). Elrond tells Aragorn that he his there on behalf of Arwen, who is dying.


Strings play a little bridge that is not in the movie.  (On screen, Elrond is telling Aragorn that the Men are outnumbered and declares that enlisting those 'that dwell in the mountain' is Aragorn's only hope. Aragorn protests that they are traitors and will answer to no one.  Whatever music is used here is not on the CD. Elrond asserts, "They will answer to the King of Gondor." and...)


out comes Andúril from under his cloak. A majestic rendition of the Rivendell arpeggios play along side a choir as he holds the sword out for Aragorn to take.


Elo! Andúril;

Lach en Annûn

I chatho asgannen,

Ad echannen! (till 1:15)


(None of the music from 0:36 - 1:15 is used in this scene - nor the forging scene. In this scene, the music jumps from that heard at 0:35 to that heard at 1:15)

("Andúril, Flame of the West...)


...forged from the shards of Narsil." Elrond holds Andúril in front of Aragorn who takes a long time to look at it and consider his choices.  The choir gives way as a glorious, heroic Minas Tirith Theme plays. The Rivendell Arpeggios continue under the theme.


Aragorn puts his hands on the sheathed sword and takes it.


"Sauron would not have forgotten the Sword of Elendil.", Aragorn muses.


Slowly, he puts his hand on the hilt and...


whips the sword out of it's scabbard, holding the blade tip up in the air.  (It's a really.. long.. sword.) The arpeggios end.


"The blade that was broken shall return to Minas Tirith." states Aragorn.


Elrond adds, "The man who wields the sword can summon a power more deadly than any on this earth." The choir sings a few last soft notes over just a suggestion of the Rivendell arpeggios. (The music in the movie is a little different here and there is no choir)


Andúril (till 2:02)


As the choir drops off we are left with ominous music played over a steady beat.  "Put aside the Ranger. Become who you were born to be. Take the Dimholt Road."


Strings creep in with ascending notes.


Aragorn sighs. The ascending notes culminate into...


...quiet high strings that end the track.  Elrond, in Elvish, recites Gilraen's words, "I gave hope to the Dúnedain."  Aragorn finishes the linnod. "I have kept no hope for myself."  (After cue ends... Aragorn looks more determined and puts the sword back in it's scabbard.)


Lyrics 0:27 - 1:15 & 1:56 - 2:02 from “Andúril



[00:27] E


[00:37] en

[00:42] I

[00:53] as

[00:54] gan

[00:58] nen

[01:01] Ad

[01:03] e

[01:05] chan

[01:08] nen!


[01:56] An


[02:00] ril






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