Cirith Ungol

Track 9 - ROTK


(1:38) On the pass of Cirith Ungol, Gollum tells lies about Sam and Frodo finally believes them. He sends Sam away and continues up the pass alone with Gollum.


An eerie version of the History of the Ring Theme played on (probably) an English horn. Sméagol is stroking Frodo's cape as he lies collapsed on the stairs of Cirith Ungol. He begins to plant thoughts in Frodo's head that Sam wants the Ring.


The History of the Ring Theme continues on the CD but not in the movie. (Sméagol continues his trash talk but the Ring Theme is not heard again in the scene.)


Low brass intrudes for a moment as Frodo considers what Sméagol has said.

(Jump ahead in action. Sméagol has thrown out the Lembas and then accused Sam of eating it. When Sam offers to carry the Ring awhile, Frodo begins to believes Sméagol's lies.)


English horn resumes with a short ascending phrase. Sam realizes what Frodo is saying.


A slightly lighter melody plays for a moment as Sam pleads with Frodo not to believe Gollum but as Frodo says, "You can't help me anymore.", the music presents a short, vague, and slightly nightmarish reference to the Shire music.

(Sam can't believe what he's hearing. "You can't mean that." Frodo gives him a hard look. "Go home." What music is heard here is not on the CD.)


Sam breaks down in tears the Shire A Theme plays.


Strings and horn play material evoking the Shire A Theme. Frodo walks away from Sam and begins climbing the stairs again. Gollum follows.


Sam sits there sobbing. Those three ascending notes, "When the seas..." begin a phrase that continues to ascend, then resolve into...


(The music from 1:20 to the end is not in the movie. See note below.)


...a quick phrase of the Dangerous Passes Theme.


Strings swirl around ominously till it's all we can hear until...


...brass play a bold statement of the Ring / Sauron's hybrid.


note on unused music:

The AS-ROTK confirms that this music was scored for a scene ultimately cut from the movie. In the movie, Frodo and Gollum begin climbing stairs but, after a few seconds of them climbing, the scene changes to Minas Tirith. If the stair climbing scene had been continued, the music would have fit perfectly and paralleled its use in the earlier stair climbing scene.






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