The Ride of the Rohirrim

Track 7 - ROTK


(2:00) Rohan gathers to answer the call for help from Gondor. Merry and Éowyn find a way...



Various instruments take turns playing the Rohan Theme and variants of the Rohan Theme.. Théoden with Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas ride into the Rohirrim muster at Harrowdale.


Théoden calls for troop counts and the captains shout back their numbers.


No riders from Snowbourn have come.


The camera pans up from the riders to the mountains and the winding stairs that lead to Dunharrow.


The music quiets as Aragorn (now dismounted) approaches Théoden on the Firienfeld..


One last quiet phrase of the Rohan Theme as the two look over the muster of the Rohirrim down below them. There are not enough riders to "break the lines of Mordor."


(Jump ahead in action.) A lone flute plays a simple melody as Théoden tells Merry that Hobbits do not belong in war. Merry's pleas to be included are turned down by Théoden.


Merry watches Théoden ride away as the rest of the riders depart around him. Low horns(?) and strings creep in...


...and crescendo as Merry is swept up by a rider galloping by.


The Éowyn Shieldmaiden Theme plays as Éowyn, hidden behind a helm says, "Ride with me."


Théoden shouts the order to "Form up! Move out!". Stirring music moves into a...


...martial rendition of the Rohan Theme as we see an aerial shot of the masses of Rohirrim riding out for Gondor.






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