The Steward of Gondor

Track 5 - ROTK


(3:48) Faramir leaves Minas Tirith to retake Osgiliath. Pippin sings for Denethor.



A soft choir sings an slow ascending phrase. Faramir is riding from the city with his troops.



The choir continues with slowly sung syllables while the pan flute begins a haunting version of the Faramir and Denethor theme. The towns people are somber. Some cannot look directly at them. Women throw flowers under the hooves of the horses.



Two "cute Gondorian children" (of Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh) watch the riders go by.



Gandalf calls to Faramir. He tries to dissuade him from "throwing away his life so rashly". Faramir's love of the Gondor will not let him turn aside, however.



"Your father loves you, Faramir." HS COMMENT



Boe le henio

E sí câr athad iyn

Ane ah a phen

I ú athelitha. (till 1:22)



The choir drops out. A somber Realm of Gondor Theme plays over a soft, military like snare drum cadence. The riders are reaching the front gate which opens to show the red and black sky over Mordor.



The riders assemble in a line on the Pelennor Fields. As the city watches, their horses begin to gallop toward Osgiliath.



The final note of the Realm of Gondor Theme is held while the military cadence becomes more predominate.  The horses pick up speed. The snare drum's beat is very evocative of something played as a condemned man walks toward the gallows or the firing squad.



More horn notes and the strings slip in. The camera cuts between the galloping horses and the Orc filled city towards which they are riding. All music pauses till...



(Jump ahead slightly. Denethor has asked for a song and...) Pippin begins to sing. The camera goes from Pippin's face to the galloping horses.


Home is behind. The world ahead.



Osgiliath is teeming with Orcs. Denethor is eating.


And there are many paths to tread.



Faramir draws his sword.


Through shadow, to the edge of night...



Strings begin some high notes over the voice. The horses are at full gallop. The Orcs draw their bows. The Gondorian soldiers raise their swords.


...Until the stars are all alight.



An Orc archer aims and holds. Denethor stuffs meat into his mouth.

Mist and shadows, cloud and shade...



The sound of the strings is increasing in pitch and tension.


All shall fade.



The tension increases then...



All shall..



...all sound ceases for a moment. The Orc captain gives the order, the are released, the arrows fly. Denethor's lips are red...






A few, quiet notes from the Realm of Gondor Theme finishes the track. Denethor continues his meal. Pippin fights back tears.



Lyrics 0:00 - 1:22 from “The Last Son”

Lyrics 2:35 - 3:34 from “The Edge of Night”



[00:00] Boe
[00:03] le
[00:07] he

[00:10] ni
[00:14] o
[00:21] E

[00:28] câr
[00:32] a

[00:35] thad
[00:39] iyn
[00:43] A

[00:46] ne
[00:50] ah
[00:53] a

[00:57] phen
[01:01] I
[01:04] ú

[01:08] a
[01:11] the

[01:15] li
[01:18] tha

(The pan flute's timing is quite fluid, but the choir basically sings a syllable every three counts except for the 5th syllable 'o' which uses 6 counts.)






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