Minas Tirith

Track 3 - ROTK


(3:33) The battle begins at Osgiliath. Gandalf and Pippin arrive at Minas Tirith. Gandalf wards off the Nazgl pursing the Gondorian Soldiers fleeing overrun Osgiliath.


The scenes for this music seem out of order when aligned with their corresponding music as heard on the soundtrack CD. See note below.


Quiet brass play the Realm of Gondor Theme as the scene opens on dark and foggy Osgiliath. A lone violin holds a note...


... that takes a foreboding dip in pitch.


More ominous, slightly menacing music plays as Faramir walks through the ruined city. He ascends stairs to stand next to Madril. (These opening shots of Faramir walking through the city are in the ROTK EE. They are not in the TE and the music from 0:00 - 0:28 is not in the movie.)


The 'Threat of Mordor' motif is heard as we see rag tag boats moves into view on the screen.


The 'Threat of Mordor' gets turned on it's head. The Orcs are paddling quietly.


The 'Threat of Mordor' continues - right side up. They Orcs are armored for battle.


(Jump ahead slightly in action.) A Gondorian soldier spots them... (and is killed by an Orc arrow.)


(The shots of the boats are in the TE version but the Gondorian soldier spotting the Orcs is in the EE only. The music from the CD is not used again until quite a few scenes after this one.)


(Jump ahead a couple of scenes.) A frantic Realm of Gondor Theme plays over the Mordor Outline as we cut back to Osgiliath. It is day and the fighting, lasting through the night, is still intense.


Another phrase of the Realm of Gondor Theme begins but quickly moves to...


some connecting material using a Gondor variant which ends along with the Mordor Outline as.... (not in movie)


...a choir begins singing. Faramir ducks behind a pillar and Gondorian archers unleash a spray of arrows on the Orcs that are following him.


The choir holds a note. Madril has declared the city lost and Faramir orders the retreat.


...ored Gwanwen ost in giliath


The men break cover and we hear the sounds of a Nazgl.


Dannen Osgiliath


(Jump back in the movie. see note below)


The Minas Tirith Theme plays loudly on brass - Gandalf and Pippin ride up a hill and come to the top... spotting Minas Tirith

(Return to action from beginning of the track.)


The Gondorian Troops are fleeing Osgiliath with the Nazgl in pursuit.


Gandalf rides out from the Gates of Minas Tirith to ward off the Nazgl. (Thanks to Georg Krner.)

(Gondorian Soldiers, retreating to Minas Tirith are attacked by the Nazgl and their winged steeds. Gandalf and Pippin, on Shadowfax ride out into the Pelennor Field.)


A boy soprano sings out as a shaft of white light bursts out of Gandalf upraised staff.


A long shot shows that the Nazgl are repelled by Gandalf's light. He turns Shadowfax to join the others riding toward Minas Tirith. The chorus takes up singing after the soprano stops.


Slant calad Dn

Tollen Rochon 'Ln

Mennen nored dn


The large bolts are released from the gates of Minas Tirith and the doors are opened.


(Some connecting music not in movie.)


A bold, grand version of the Realm of Gondor Theme plays as Gandalf and Pippin on Shadowfax ride up the streets of Minas Tirith.


The ascending phrase of the Ascension setting of the Gondor Theme is heard as the riders on Shadowfax ascend.


The Realm of Gondor Theme continues...


... in its Ascension setting. Shadowfax is still galloping at full speed until...


he climbs the last stairs into the courtyard of the White Tree and the camera pans away for a high, long shot of the courtyard and the Pelennor Fields.



Lyrics 1:15 - 1:37 from The Retreat from Osgiliath

Lyrics 2:02 - 2:23 from White Rider

[01:15] o
[01:16] red
[01:17] Gwan

[01:18] wen
[01:20] ost
[01:21] in

[01:22] gi
[01:23] li
[01:24] ath

[01:27] Dan
[01:29] nen
[01:30] Os

[01:33] gi
[01:34] li
[01:35] ath



[02:02] S
[02:03] lant
[02:05] ca

[02:05] lad
[02:07] Dn
[02:10] Tollen

[02:10] Ro
[02:11] chon
[02:13] 'Ln

[02:15] Men
[02:16] nen
[02:17] no

[02:19] red
[02:20] dn



Note on order of scenes:

In the movie, Gandalf and Pippin arrive at Minas Tirith before the battle of Osgiliath. It is that evening that the Orcs invade Osgiliath. Battle rages through the night and the next day the retreat is called. The Nazgl attack in Osgiliath and follow the riders out onto the Pelennor Fields. Gandalf (with Pippin) rides out on Shadowfax and wards off the Nazgl with a beam of light from his staff.


The scenes as laid out by the soundtrack CD are:

  • Gondorian soldiers wait for Orc attack. (EE only)

  • Orcs are shown sneaking across the river in boats.

  • The Orcs are spotted by a soldier. (EE only)

  • The Gondorians have battled through the night but are losing. The retreat is called and the Nazgl arrive at the battle.

  • Gandalf and Pippin ride up a rise to see Minas Tirith in the distance.

  • Gandalf (with Pippin) rides out.

This is out of order as the movie stands now but originally, Gandalf and Pippin were meant to top the rise outside of Minas Tirith as the Gondorian riders were fleeing from the Nazgl. Before ever entering the city, Gandalf was to ride out and use his staff to ward off the Nazgl. This is why Pippin was with him. It never quite made sense why Gandalf left the city with Pippin on Shadowfax.