Hope and Memory

Track 2 - ROTK


(1:40) Merry and Pippin are separated.



Strings play a lively melody with an occasional counterpoint of brass as Gandalf makes his way to the Edoras stables with Pippin and Merry. Pippin is leaving with Gandalf.



Merry chastises Pippin for 'looking' (into the Palantνr). The music slows to a pause as Pippin apologizes.


(Merry tries to get Pippin to understand the seriousness of the situation as they enter the stables and Gandalf puts Pippin on Shadowfax. None of this music is on the CD.)



Merry gives Pippin the last of the Longbottom leaf as a clarinet flirts around with the Shire theme.



A note is held... "But we'll see each other soon?" Pippin is getting worried. Merry looks at Gandalf but neither answer him.



Strings flirt around with the Fellowship theme as Gandalf mounts and Pippin asks once more for reassurance that he and Merry will see each other again. Merry can't give it. The strings pick up the pace of the melody until ...



...they strike up an expectant beat as Gandalf tells Shadowfax to show the meaning of haste. Pippin fully gets it! "Merry!" he cries...



...and Shadowfax takes off as a lush waltz version of the White Rider (in the Fellowship) theme begins.



Merry scrambles up the guard tower to catch a last glimpse at Pippin...



...and Aragorn runs after him. HS COMMENT



The lush strings of the White Rider (in the Fellowship) theme give way to single horn playing the Fellowship Theme. Merry is at the top of the tower and Aragorn stands by him as they watch Gandalf and Pippin ride away. Merry reminisces about his escapades with Pippin...



...and realizes he has lost all his Hobbit friends. This section has those three up and down pitches that White Rider (in the Fellowship) theme and Fellowship theme share... in the rhythm/cadence of the White Rider theme


(The theatrical edition scene ends with Aragorn and Merry looking out but not speaking and the music ends at the 1:16 point on the CD with a sustained note. All of the music from 1:16 to the end is not in the theatrical edition but it is in the extended edition with the extended scene.)



In his ROTK CD review at FilmScore Monthly, DA said this:

"Hope and Memory" combines the reedy Shire theme with the harmonies and melodic inflections of the Fellowship theme

I had identified the Fellowship Theme being heard late in the track. A second listen does not provide me with a strong sense of the Shire A Theme/Pensive Setting. But ROTK starts mixing things up enough that it often takes a better trained ear than mine.


And, I can hear the music at 0:20 as a Shire A Variant, but it doesn't seemed mixed with the Fellowship Theme. Unless, again, it's the lack of the untrained ear that's impeding me. I'll let you all decide what you think.






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