A Storm Is Coming

Track 1 - ROTK


(2:47) Déagol finds the Ring at the bottom of the Anduin.


Opening titles for NewLine Cinema and Wingnut Studios


Lord of the Rings title fades out as the History of the Ring Theme plays over arpeggios and...


the movie begins. A flute, the instrument used for Shire/Hobbit music, plays a simple tune related to the Shire Theme as the camera pans out from a close up of a worm to the face of the Déagol who is using it to bait his fishing hook. We cut to a wider shot of Déagol and Sméagol fishing in a boat.


The bobber on one of the lines submerges and...


Déagol cries out excitedly that he's caught something. The music picks up in tempo and we hear a variant of the accompaniment, Hobbits' Antics (more information HERE) An oboe takes over for the flute. The AS-ROTK calls this Hobbit music of a 'different breed'. (Adams)


Sméagol encourages his companion to pull in the catch. Violins pick up the tempo even more. This music is very similar to the music as Merry and Pippin run through Farmer Maggot's fields.


But instead the fish pulls Déagol in with a splash as the music crashes to a halt.



(Some of the phrases in this preceding section last longer on the CD then in the movie. The music stops momentarily on the CD but for a little longer in the movie as Sméagol realizes that Déagol is gone. The music heard in the movie as we see Déagol pulled along under water by the fish is not on the CD.)


A violin plays the first phrase of the History of the Ring Theme. Déagol's eyes get big and we cut to a ring in the mud on the bottom of the river. Déagol reaches for it.


He grabs the ring and hoists himself out of the water and onto the bank as the violin continues with the second phrase of the History of the Ring Theme.


(none of the music heard from 1:54 to the end is in the movie. see note below)


Climbing, expectant notes....


explode into a loud interplay between brass and strings


A speeded up variant of the Seduction Theme plays away


and takes turns with Sauron's Theme


The Descending Third Motif gets into the act...


and different groups of instruments take their turns at the Seduction Variant...


as the Descending Third continues and slowly fades into silence.


Note on use of music from 0:00 - 0:58:

This music was a score for the fight scene between Déagol and Sméagol. In the movie the only sound is a high pitched whine and the thudding of heartbeats as Sméagol smothers Déagol. But if you cue up the CD to 1:54 and start it just after Sméagol says, "Give us the Ring, love" and Déagol says, "Why?" - then you get a pretty good music to action match. Below is a description of the action matched to the music described above.


Sméagol says, "Because.... it's my birthday and I wants it."


Sméagol makes a grab for the Ring in Déagol's hand.


The two are wrestling with the Ring between them.


Sméagol bites Déagol.


Déagol is on the ground, grabbing for the fallen Ring and Sméagol is on top of him.


Déagol grabs Sméagol by the neck.


but Sméagol gets the better of him and takes him down to the ground as he begins choking him







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9-Cirith Ungol ~ 10-Anduril ~ 11-Shelob's Lair ~ 12-Ash and Smoke ~ 13-Fields of the Pelennor

14-Hope Fails ~ 15-The Black Gate Opens ~ 16-End of All Things

17-Return of the King ~ 18-The Grey Havens ~ 19-Into the West

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