FOTR End Credits Music



This is an accounting of the End Credits Music associated with Fellowship of the Ring.

There are three places one might hear music played over the end credits: the movie, the OST, and the CR. Each of these offers a slightly different sequence of music once the credits start to roll. In the movie, Frodo says, "Sam, I'm glad you're here with me." A whistle starts a simple version of the Shire Theme as the two start down towards Emym Muil. As the phrase finishes, a harp plays a run and the choir hums a few notes as the screen fades to black.

From that point, there are two 'end of the movie' songs for FOTR, In Dreams and May it Be. In the movie and on the CR-FOTR, the sequence is May it Be and then In Dreams. On the OST, In Dreams is first followed by May it Be.

In some cases, the end credit music can offer a slightly different version of cues between . Doug Adams wrote, "Shore often composed multiple drafts of these compositions in an effort to get precisely the right tone in each. The end credit suites have often been used to showcase some of these drafts that, while they didn’t make it into the narrative flow, still hold something of unique musical interest." ('s forums)




The Movie

(either in the theater or on DVD)


Disc 3, track # indicated below


Track 18: May It Be



In Dreams



Shire Theme/Fellowship variant

May it Be

May it Be

May it Be

Shire/Fellowship combo

Shire/Fellowship combo

Shire/Fellowship combo + Final Statement

In Dreams

In Dreams


Welcome to Rivendell

Welcome to Rivendell


Hobbits reunited in Rivendell

Hobbits reunited in Rivendell


Fellowship Created + Final Statement

Fellowship Created + Final Statement


--- Fan Club Scroll ---


Concerning Hobbits



The Black Rider






The Great River



The Breaking of the Fellowship



Timestamps shown in left column below indicate length of cue.


Regular Credits Music


In Dreams : On the FOTR-OST, this song, sung by Ben Del Maestro, comes first in the credit music line up. Find the lyrics here.


Shire/Fellowship Theme - variant : A hopeful variant of the Fellowship Theme or Shire B (?) follows "In Dreams" on the FOTR OST. The first notes seem to evoke the Fellowship Theme but the next sound like the notes for 'We will meet again'. As far as I can tell, this music is not used for any scene in the movie.


May it Be : This song, sung by Enya, comes next in the FOTR-OST queue but starts the credit music for the movie and the CR-FOTR. Find the lyrics here.


Shire/Fellowship combo : A quick phrase of each theme is played. In the movie and on the CR, the music quiets as an intro to In Dreams. On the OST, the Fellowship Theme repeats the phrase to a climatic finale for the disc (entire section: 0:42 long) This finale is not the same as the finale that is heard in the movie or on the CR-FOTR. As far as I can tell, this is music is used for any scene in the movie.


In Dreams : The movie and CR-FOTR continues the credit music with In Dreams. Find the lyrics here.


Welcome to Rivendell, part 1: This is the Rivendell Theme as heard in Many Meetings (FOTR-OST, Track 9) and Rivendell (CR-FOTR, Disc 2, Track 5) as we see a long shot of Rivendell and then the happy reunion of the four Hobbits.

[00:03] Nef
[00:06] Elbereth
[00:07] Gil
[00:14] tho
[00:19] niel,
[00:20] Siliv
[00:24] ren
[00:28] pen
[00:31] na
[00:38] riel


Welcome to Rivendell, part 2: This is a Hymn Setting of the Shire A melody that immediately follows the cue above in the movie as Frodo catches his first glimpse of Bilbo and he runs to him.


You shall be the Fellowship of the Ring : This is the heroic version of the Fellowship Theme as heard in The Council of Elrond (FOTR-OST, Track 10) and in The Great Eye (CR-FOTR, Disc 2, Track 8)  as the Fellowship comes together at the Council of Elrond..With this, the credit music on the CR-FOTR ends.


Fan Credits Music


Concerning Hobbits : This seems to be an alternate version of the music heard during Gandalf and Frodo's wagon ride through Hobbiton. It is more like the FOTR-OST version (Concerning Hobbits, Track 2) than the CR-FOTR version (which follows an extended scene) but it's not identical to either.


The Black Rider : This is essentially the same music as heard on The Black Rider (FOTR-OST, Track 5) and A Shortcut To Mushrooms (CR-FOTR, Disc 1, Track 12). The first, lively part of this section plays as Pippin and Merry ‘join up’ with Frodo and Sam in the cornfield. Then the mood becomes more ominous and dangerous as the Black Rider finds them and begins chasing them.


Moria : This starts by following the first part of A Journey in the Dark (FOTR-OST, Track 12)

[0:00] Deep, low men’s voices chant as drums beat slowly. The Fellowship begins its walk through the long dark of Moria.

[00:05] Durin ku bin-amrad

[00:20] Ug


[00:37] A
[00:38] bad
[00:41] ku
[00:42] gan

[00:43] a
[00:44] ga
[00:45] Tur
[00:46] gan

[00:50] Ab
[00:50] an
[00:51] ul
[00:54] Du
[00:56] rin
[00:58] Ku
[01:00] bin
[01:01] Amrad

[1:20] We hear the Pity of Gollum as Gollum climbs up on railing to get a better look at the Fellowship. Gandalf and Frodo discuss Gollum and the pity of Bilbo.

[2:06] The opening chords of the Dwarrowdelf Theme play as Gandalf decides which passage to take. Soft voices become audible soon after.

[2:06] Ku
[2:10] ba
[2:14] ka
[2:15] na
[2:18] a
[2:22] na
[2:26] az
[2:30] nan
[2:34] un
[2:38] du
[2:40] ab

[2:44] ad
[2:46] un
[2:48] du
[2:49] ab
[2:50] ad
[2:54] ku
[2:58] ga
[2:62] na
[3:04] ga
[3:06] az
[3:08] nan

[1:06] The Fellowship Theme is heard as the Fellowship runs from Balin's tomb to the Bridge of Khazad-dûm. There are slight differences between the music heard in the credits and that heard in The Bridge of Khazad-dum (FOTR-OST, Track 13) or in Balin's Tomb (CR-FOTR, Disc 2, Track 14)


The Great River : This music is heard on the FOTR-OST track 15, The Great River, which follows the theatrical version of Leaving Lorien.

[0:00[ Soft voices sing as the Fellowship paddle away from Lórien and Frodo remembers Galadriel’s gift of the phial.

[0:00] Ai! laurië
[0:06] lantar
[0:09] lassi
[0:12] súrinen,
[0:19] Yéni
[0:22] únótimë
[0:28] ve rámar
[0:36] aldaron!

[0:51] The music plays the opening phrase of the Fellowship Theme as the camera cuts to an aerial shot of the Fellowship going down the Anduin River.

[0:56] We hear two low notes of a horn and drums over more aerial shots of the Fellowship on the River. Then horns pick up hints of the Fellowship Theme, which quietly ends in a moment of silence.

[1:27] The choir begins again as the Fellowship spot the Argonath.

[1:26] Et Eärello
[1:31] Endorenna
[1:37] utúlien.
[1:43] Sinome
[1:45] maruvan
[1:49] ar Hildinyar

[1:52] The History of the Ring Theme plays as the Fellowship goes through the Gates of the Argonath and then on to Amon Hen.

[2:29] The music fades as we see the falls of Rauros.


The Breaking of the Fellowship - alternate version : This was originally recorded by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra for the FOTR Cannes preview. But edits were required for the scene and Shore rescored the piece before the London Recording sessions. Therefore, the music heard during the scene is performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra. The original NZSO performance is heard here, in the Fan Club Scroll music. Although it is clearly identifiable as 'Breaking of the Fellowship' music, it is distinctly different when compared side by side with the scene's music.

A detailed comparison of the credit music with the scene's music as heard on the CR-FOTR and the FOTR-OST, go to this page.







1-The Prophecy ~ 2-Concerning Hobbits ~ 3-Shadow of the Past ~ 4-Treason of Isengard ~ 5-The Black Rider

6-At the Sign of the Prancing Pony ~ 7-A Knife in the Dark ~ 8-Flight to the Ford ~ 9-Many Meetings

10-Council of Elrond ~ 11-The Ring Goes South ~ 12-A Journey in the Dark

13-Bridge of Khazad-dûm ~ 14-Lothlórien ~ 15-Great River ~ 16-Amon Hen

17-The Breaking of the Fellowship ~ 18-May It Be

FOTR Closing Credits

20-Farewell to Lórien - TTT-LE

Two scenes with cue by cues:

Bilbo's 'Concerning Hobbits'

Frodo & Gandalf Riding through the Shire