The Breaking of the Fellowship

Track 17 - FOTR


(7:20) Frodo and Sam set off alone. Boromir is laid to rest and the Three Hunters resolve to follow Merry and Pippin.



A sustained note leads into..


the Hymn Chords of the Shire Theme as Frodo stands on the banks of the Anduin and recalls Gandalf's advice, "All you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to you."


Then we hear A Hobbit's Understanding while Frodo hesitates for awhile then launches the boat into the Anduin. Sam calls after him but Frodo does not acknowledge him.   HS COMMENT


The A Hobbit's Understanding ends as Sam plunges into the water. A calm melody is played by strings as Sam wades in too deep loses his footing.


A quiet humming of voices (which mimic sound underwater?) joins in as we see Sam slowly falling underwater.


A short phrase that slows a little then...


Soft horns play a note and the strings pick up a lush, dramatic version of A Hobbit's Understanding as Frodo's hand reaches underwater and grabs Sam's wrist and Sam is pulled into the boat.


"I made a promise, Mr. Frodo. Don't you lose him, Samwise Gamgee. And I don't mean to."


The single whistle begins a Hymn Setting of the Shire A melody, with humming voices in the background as Frodo embraces Sam. They paddle away.


Fade to Boromir laid out in an Elven boat with his sword in his hands. A hesitant, broken phrase is played (I sense that this is a mournful Fellowship theme with only some notes played... to signify the ‘breaking’ of the Fellowship?) Aragorn is strapping on Boromir's vambraces. Boromir’s boat goes over the falls and Legolas calls to Aragorn and Gimli to hurry after Frodo.


A phrase is played that uses those three notes of the secondary Shire B melody. Aragorn will let Frodo go, but all is not lost if the Three stick together.  (This could be a variant of the Shire B or A Hobbit's Understanding or maybe both are heard in there. Doug Adams does not address it in the FOTR-Annotated Score.)   CRivers COMMENT


A resurrected Fellowship Theme plays as he suggests they follow Merry and Pippin. "Let us hunt some Orc."


"Yes!" They run off after Aragorn as the music turns to A Hobbit's Understanding.


Cut to Sam and Frodo climbing a hill where they can look out over the Dead Marshes and see Mordor in the distance. Soft drums play over the music.


"Sam, I'm glad you are with me."


The whistle picks up the Pensive Setting of the Shire A melody as Frodo and Sam look at each other and set off down the rise.


Humming voices begin as the picture fades to black and the credits begin to roll.


"In Dreams" sung by Edward Ross . HS COMMENT   The tune is the full Shire Theme A and B using the Hymn Setting.


When the cold of Winter comes,

Starless night will cover day

In the veiling of the sun, We will walk in bitter rain

But in dreams, I still hear your name

And in dreams, We will meet again


Ross’ voice falls away and the orchestra picks up a strain of the Fellowship Theme.


Another verse of "In Dreams" begins .


When the seas and Mountains fall, And we come to end of days

In the dark I hear a call, Calling me there

I will go there, And back again


The song ends. A hopeful variant of the Fellowship Theme or Shire B (?) plays. (the first notes seem to evoke the Fellowship Theme but the next sound like the notes for 'We will meet again')  Three notes end this track but lead into the next, which is "May It Be" by Enya. In the movie, first "May it Be" and then "In Dreams" are played over the credits. On the CD the order is reversed.   HS COMMENT



Lyrics 5:20 - 7:04 from “In Dreams






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10-Council of Elrond ~ 11-The Ring Goes South ~ 12-A Journey in the Dark

13-Bridge of Khazad-dűm ~ 14-Lothlórien ~ 15-Great River ~ 16-Amon Hen

17-The Breaking of the Fellowship ~ 18-May It Be

FOTR Closing Credits

20-Farewell to Lórien - TTT-LE

Two scenes with cue by cues:

Bilbo's 'Concerning Hobbits'

Frodo & Gandalf Riding through the Shire