Amon Hen

Track 16 - FOTR


(5:02) The Fellowship battles Uruks on Amon Hen. Boromir dies, Merry and Pippin are take by Uruks, and Frodo steels himself to set off alone.



A boy's choir sings the Seduction Theme as Frodo offers the Ring to Aragorn and Aragorn must face his temptation. The background music gradually increases in pitch and intensity, till it reaches a peak, pauses a moment as Aragorn closes Frodo's hand over the Ring.


I tuo i macil

Astaldoron mauri

nai Cor[ma]

I tuo i macil

Á lelyat túrenna


A more urgent, melody begins and crashes into a crescendo. This music is not in the movie.


The music picks up with horns playing Aragorn's Theme. Frodo runs as Aragorn turns to confront the advancing Uruk-hai.


The music crescendos again as Aragorn engages in battle. The horns continue blowing. The camera cuts between Aragorn fighting Uruks, and Sam running through the woods after Frodo.


The music peaks and then quiets for a moment. The battle has climbed on Amon Hen. We see Frodo running through the woods.


The horns pick up a heroic call as Aragon jumps off Amon Hen and Legolas and Gimli join the battle. The drums pound.


In the movie there's a slight pause in the music here as we hear Boromir's horn blow. Then the pounding Isengard Theme is heard as we see the Uruk-hai running down the hill toward Boromir.


Three loud, slow, pounding beats are heard. (In the movie there are eight). Lurtz draws his bow and on the last pounding beat, he fires his arrow. It hits Boromir in silence.


Low boys choir begins to sing the theme, A Noble End, as Boromir begins fighting again. Throughout this serene section, Boromir is valiantly fighting as Merry and Pippin watch in horror. He is hit by another arrow, but continues fighting.  HS COMMENT


I alda helda, i ehtele lína

Manna lelyalye Voromírë?



Sí massë...


The choir drops away and a mournful portion of A Noble End continues. Boromir is hit by another arrow and he falls to his knees. Merry and Pippin are taken by the Uruk-hai. The sad, but calm music belies the horror on the screen. Lurtz calmly walks up to Boromir.


As the mournful music comes to an end, Lurtz, standing just feet from the kneeling Boromir, draws his bow.

(Aragorn's fight with Lurtz is not on the CD)


The music moves into a funeral version of the Fellowship Theme. This is heard as Boromir dies. The camera then cuts to Frodo by the river bank with the Ring in his hand.

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Lyrics 0:00 - 0:34 from “Seduction of the Ring
Lyrics 2:37 - 3:30 from “Death of Boromir, part 2

   Seduction Lyrics:    Wounding Lyrics:
[00:02] I
(changes notes so like 2 syllables)
I tuo
Á lelyat
  Men Boys
[2:37]   I ....
[2:40]    al ....
[2:43] da da hel
[2:45]   da
[2:47] eh i eh ....
[2:51] tel tel ..
[2:53]   le lína
[2:55] Man Man
[2:56] na na
[2:57]    lelyal ...
[2:58] yal-  
[3:01] ye ye ....
[3:04] Vo(ro) Voro
[3:07] mí ...............(high voice holds this note and sings the next few syllables alone)
[3:13]   rë Cá
[3:17]   nal
[3:18]   ya
[3:20] desse desse (full chorus joins back in)
[3:23] mas(së) Sí mas(së)
[3:25] mas(së)  







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Bilbo's 'Concerning Hobbits'

Frodo & Gandalf Riding through the Shire