Track 14 - FOTR


(4:33) The Fellowship enter Lothlórien and meet with Celeborn and Galadriel.



Voices sing the 'Lórien' Theme as the Fellowship runs into the woods of Lórien. A sarangi plays in the background. The Fellowship walk warily through the woods. HS COMMENT (0:00 - 0:23 is not used on either the TE or EE DVD.  It is very hard to hear the lyrics on the DVD, also...  I can't tell whether the lyrics aren't sung, the voices are undermixed or it's just hard to hear under the dialog.)


Man ammen toltha
i dann hen morn
Si dannatha
Melmemma nóren sina
nur ala ëaro nur...


The singing stops and dramatic, slightly menacing music plays as bowman appear with cocked bows and arrows aimed at the Fellowship. Pulsing drums ends the phrase along with a final blow of a horn.


The music lightens dramatically with voices (led by a solo?) as the Fellowship climbs the stairs up into the Mallorn trees of Caras Galadhon.


Ela i cá(le!)
Nenya sina
Corma úhátima
I haryanye.


The chorus finishes up as the Fellowship emerge onto a flet in the trees.


Strings play an uncertain phrase as Galadriel and Celeborn descend stairs toward the flet.


An abrupt transition into a solo voice singing a lament for Gandalf.   HS COMMENT


Solo part:

In gwidh ristennin,i fae narchannen

I Lach Anor ed ardhon gwannen

Mithrandir, A Randir Vithren!


i amar galen

I reniad lín ne môr, nuithannen


Chorus (simultaneous with solo):

Ilfirin nairelma Nauva i nauva

Ilfirin nairelma

ar ullume nucuvalme

Nuava i nauva


The singing fades off and The Journey There Theme plays as Galadriel speaks encouraging words to Frodo after he has looked into the Mirror. "If you do not find a way, no one will... Even the smallest person can change the course of the future".



Lyrics 0:00 - 0:24 from “Footsteps of Doom

Lyrics 0:24 - 0:45 from “Lament for Gandalf, Chorus Text"
Lyrics 1:14 - 1:52 from “Galadriel's Song
Lyrics 2:33 - 3:55 from “Lament for Gandalf, Verses"

Lyrics 2:33 - 3:55 from “Lament for Gandalf, Chorus"


Footsteps of Doom:

Galadriel's Song:

Lament Solo:

Lament Chorus:

[00:00] Man
[00:03] Ammen
[00:04] Toltha
[00:06] I
[00:06] Dann
[00:07] hen
[00:08] Morn
[00:13] Si
[00:16] Danna-
[00:19] Nauva
[00:24] Mel-
[00:27] Melma
[00:29] Nóren
[00:30] Sina
[00:35] Nur-
[00:36] a

[00:38] earo




[01:14] E
[01:17] la
[01:20] i
[01:22] ca(le!)
[01:25] Nen
[01:28] ya
[01:31] si
[01:34] na
[01:37] cor
[01:40] ma
[01:43] ú
[01:45] ha
[01:49] ti
[01:52] ma
[01:54] i
[01:55] har
[01:58] yan
[01:59] ye



[02:33] In gwidh ristennin,



[02:45] i
[02:48] fae nar
[02:49] channe

[02:53] n


[02:57] I
[03:01] Lach Anor ed


[03:09] ardh

[03:13] on
[03:14] gwan
[03:17] nen

[03:22] Mith
[03:25] ran
[03:26] dir,

[03:27] A Randir
[03:30] Vithren!
[03:34] Ú-
[03:38] re

[03:39] ni
[03:40] athach

[03:47] i amar


[02:39] Il
[02:41] fi
[02:44] rin nai
[02:45] rel


[02:49] ma
[02:53] Nau
[02:55] va i
[02:57] nauva

[03:05] Il
[03:07] firin nai
[03:09] rel


[03:14] ma
[03:17] ar
[03:21] ullu
[03:22] me

[03:25] nu
[03:26] cu

[03:30] val


[03:39] me

[03:43] Nuava i nauva

[03:47] mel


I have tried to compromise between where you can hear these syllables in the music, and how they are paired on the sheet music.  If the time stamp is the same for the solo and the chorus, it means those two syllables are sung together as written on the sheet music.  Due to the fluidity of the solo artist, they may not have been sung exactly at the same time on the soundtrack and therefore, one of the two time stamps may not be exact.








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20-Farewell to Lórien - TTT-LE

Two scenes with cue by cues:

Bilbo's 'Concerning Hobbits'

Frodo & Gandalf Riding through the Shire