The Bridge of Khazad-Dm

Track 13 - FOTR


(5:57) In Moria, the Fellowship flee the Orcs, then the Balrog. Nine become Eight.



Fellowship Theme plays as the Fellowship runs from Balin's tomb to the Bridge of Khazad-dm. Dwarrowdelf fills with Orcs.


A moment of silence in the music. This is where we hear a low growl in the movie and the Orcs, looking scared, begin to run away. This silence lasts longer in the film.


Male choir starts slow chanting. Gandalf, eyes closed looks wearied and worried. He then opens his eyes and says, "A Balrog. This foe is beyond any of us. Run!" HS COMMENT


Urgent music plays as The Fellowship begin running.


The male choir sustain a note as Boromir almost runs off a ledge and is caught by Legolas.


The chanting begins again as Gandalf tells Aragorn to lead them on and the Fellowship begin descending a narrow flight of stairs. Horns blow notes sporadically.


The horns take up the Moria Theme as another growl is heard which shakes the cavern and knocks the ceiling loose. The Fellowship are jumping a gap. Legolas is firing arrows at orcs.


The Dark Places of the World crescendos as Gimli says, "Nobody tosses a Dwarf."


Horns blare a warning toll and strings anxiously answer as the bridge crumbles enough to strand Aragorn and Frodo on the near side.


The Moria Theme climbs the scale again and again. Low chanting can be heard in the background.


The music drops off and we hear just the chanting and drums. Aragorn and Frodo stand on their teetering section of the bridge.


The voices begin chanting the Moria Theme.


Horns join the Moria Theme in as Frodo leans and the teetering section of the bridge falls into the far side where the Fellowship wait.


The Fellowship Theme picks up as the Fellowship resume running down the stairs as the loose section falls into the abyss.  HS COMMENT


Drums and soft chanting play as the Fellowship enter a chamber. Gandalf tells them to make for the Bridge of Khazad-dm as flames begin emerging from the abyss.


A low note, then discordant notes, then a crescendo... as the Balrog emerges from the flames.


The music stops and we hear a low hum for a moment but then a quick, booming note and the drums resume as the Balrog's whip wraps around Gandalf's ankles and pulls him over the ledge. More notes go down in scale as the drum beats, then pauses. Gandalf hangs on the ledge by his fingertips. One final beat....


"Fly you fools!" Gandalf falls.   (The music from 4:14 - 4:44 is the same as the music heard for this scene in TTT.)


Soft, voices begin humming Gandalf's Farewells as Gandalf disappears into the abyss. The Company is momentarily stunned. HS COMMENT


Aivale Cole's (nee Mabel Faletolu) voice soars over the humming voices as they run for the exit and emerge into Dimrill Dale. Sam falls down and begins sobbing. Boromir holds Gimli as Merry holds Pippin who is also sobbing. Legolas is stunned and confused.


The soprano finishes her last note as Aragorn wipes his sword. "Legolas, get them up."



Lyrics 1:05 - 4:17 from The Balrog*
Music 4:44 - 5:45 see Hymn for Gandalf


*Re: The Balrog - Sabsi and Danijel have figured out the timestamps for the CR-FOTR using the FOTR Live choir's phonetic syllables. I have gotten a start on extrapolating that information for this track. The final work must be done by the intrepid and persistent amongst you. Go HERE to read more.






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20-Farewell to Lrien - TTT-LE

Two scenes with cue by cues:

Bilbo's 'Concerning Hobbits'

Frodo & Gandalf Riding through the Shire