Flight to the Ford

Track 8 - FOTR


(4:14) Arwen finds Aragorn and the Hobbits at Trollshaw, and insists that, as the fastest rider, she should make for Rivendell with the injured Frodo. She is chased by Ringwraiths but eludes them at the Ford of the Bruinen. Frodo, however, is near death.


A woman's voice sings The Arwen Revealed Theme as glowy Arwen rides up to wounded Frodo, dismounts and calls to him in Elvish.


Tinuviel elvanui

Elleth alfirin


The voice drops out and quiet music continues as non-glowy Arwen and Aragorn bend over Frodo and administer Athelas.


(An extra phrase is inserted into the track which is not in the movie.)


Arwen insists on carrying Frodo to Rivendell.


A plaintive note enters into the music as Aragorn urges her to "Ride hard. Don't look back."


A strong, booming note signals the intro of darker, more ominous music as Arwen rides through the woods in the dark.


Evil Times begins in earnest. It is day and Arwen is riding full speed, first across a plain, then through the woods, with Frodo in front of her.


Pounding music begins as the Ringwraiths find Arwen and begin the chase.


A choir sings along to the Ringwraiths' Theme. A Wraith reaches out for Frodo and Arwen urges Asfolath to go faster.


Br 'n Kathard

d kham npm
nn kathard
Nidir nn
nbb tham ur


The Ringwraiths' Theme crescendos to an end as Arwen reaches the Bruinen and Asfolath begins wading across the river.


In the movie, the music ends and Arwen turns to make a stand. This fanfare music on the soundtrack is not in the movie. According to Doug Adams, this music was scored for a scene that was later removed: "Fellowship, for example, had that great bit with the aleatoric French horns that was meant to underscore Arwen's arrival at the river just before washing away the Ring Wraiths." (see further note below)


(Jump ahead in action.) Frodo, lying on the ground next to the river is fading fast. Arwen is distraught and pleads for whatever grace she has been given to pass to him.  The choir sings, as lyrics, the words she is saying.


What grace is given me

Let it pass to him

Save him.

Lyrics 0:00 - 0:40 from Song of Lthien
Lyrics 2:31 - 3:00 from Revelation of the Ringwraiths
Lyrics 3:32 - 4:07 from Arwen's Prayer


[00:00] Ti
[00:03] nu
[00:10] vi (el- the two els seem to be merged as one)
[00:15] elvan
[00:21] ui
[00:25] El
[00:30] leth
[00:31] al
[00:35] firin
[02:31] Br 'n
[02:34] Kathard
[02:37] d
kham npm
[02:47] Nidir
[02:54] tham
[02:55] ur
[03:31] What
[03:34] grace
[03:40] is
[03:46] given me
[03:51] let
[03:55] it
[03:56] pass
[04:01] to him
[04:03] save
[04:04] him

From the AS-FOTR by Doug Adams:

Shore wrote several versions of the Flight to the Ford chase. Originally the piece con­cluded with a brief spate of stillness followed by mounting strings and chorus phrases (set to a text entitled “Flood at the Ford of Bru­inen”) and a timpani statement of the Mordor Outline. This take was abandoned before the chorus was ever recorded. In its place, Shore recorded an ending that included a wild panic of aleatoric French horns heard just as the Wraiths reach the river’s edge.

In the film, Peter Jackson decided to use Shore’s first approach, but to dissolve the mu­sic as the river’s waters rushed in. (No attempt was ever made to record the choral line once it was decided that passage was not to be in­cluded in the final film.) “Pete liked the quiet,” Shore recalls, “just the sound of the standoff.”








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Bilbo's 'Concerning Hobbits'

Frodo & Gandalf Riding through the Shire