At the Sign of the Prancing Pony

Track 6 - FOTR


(3:14) Events at the Prancing Pony with Hobbits, a Ranger, and Riders.



Slow strains of a violin play over the Hobbits uncertainty when they discover that Gandalf is not at the Prancing Pony.


An ominous phrase, then a little livelier melody that ends on a questioning note. (This phrase is not in the movie.)


The melody slows down again. Sam has spotted a man in the corner and Frodo asks Butterbur about him.


"Around here he's known as Strider."


The glow of his pipe shows on the close up of Strider. Hints of Aragorn's Theme have been playing over this scene.


The musical phrase draws to a close. Frodo is fingering the Ring, eyes glazed over. He hears a whisper of "Baggins". (This segment lasts longer in the movie) The whisper resolves into Pippin's voice at the bar saying, "Baggins".


Urgent music, a pulsing ‘run’ of notes similar to that in The Black Rider. Frodo runs to the bar.


The 'Descending Third' Theme joins the pulsing ‘beat’ of notes.


The violin adds an urgency to the music. Frodo has fallen, the Ring flies into the air and is falling toward Frodo’s outstretched hand.


The music crescendos as the Ring slips onto Frodo’s finger and he disappears.


A choir takes up the Ringwraiths' Theme as the Ringwraiths trample the Bree Gate and ride down the street.


Bârî 'n Katharâd
Îdô Nidir nęnâkham

nępâm bârat aglar  -till 2:17


The Ringwraiths' Theme goes up a note. The 'Threat of Mordor' motif can be heard behind the voices of the choir. Aerial shot of the Ringwraiths entering the Prancing Pony, swords drawn.


The music moves to a quiet version of the Ringwraiths' Theme as we cut to the Hobbits sleeping peacefully and then 4 Ringwraiths standing over 4 beds. They raise their swords up and begin striking and slashing at the beds. (This quiet portion lasts longer in movie.)


A beat and a frantic glissando of the violin plays as we see Aragorn looking calmly out a window.


The Ringwraiths' Theme (orchestra only) joins in again with the Mordor Skip-beat playing under it.


The music transitions into a phrase of the Five-beat Pattern.


a quiet phrase (This section, 2:22-end, is not in movie but was written for the scene where the Ringwraiths approach the four beds and draw their swords. The movie does not feature any music in this scene. From the AS-FOTR: "On the original soundtrack CD an earlier version of the music for this scene introduced Isengard’s propulsive Five Beat Pattern, but ultimately it was decided to save the pounding figure until later in the film when Isengard’s industrializa­tion has become more pronounced.")



Lyrics 1:56 - 2:17 from “Revelation of the Ringwraiths


[01:56] Bârî
[01:58] 'n Katharâd
[02:01] Îdô
[02:03] Nidir
[02:06] nęnâ
[02:08] kham
[02:12] bârat
[02:14] aglar






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6-At the Sign of the Prancing Pony ~ 7-A Knife in the Dark ~ 8-Flight to the Ford ~ 9-Many Meetings

10-Council of Elrond ~ 11-The Ring Goes South ~ 12-A Journey in the Dark

13-Bridge of Khazad-dűm ~ 14-Lothlórien ~ 15-Great River ~ 16-Amon Hen

17-The Breaking of the Fellowship ~ 18-May It Be

FOTR Closing Credits

20-Farewell to Lórien - TTT-LE

Two scenes with cue by cues:

Bilbo's 'Concerning Hobbits'

Frodo & Gandalf Riding through the Shire