The Black Rider

Track 5 - FOTR


(2:48) The first, lively part of this track plays as Pippin and Merry join up with Frodo and Sam in the cornfield. Then the mood becomes more ominous and dangerous as the Black Rider finds them and begins chasing them.


Two strong notes and musical intro. Pippin then Merry plow into Frodo and Sam in the corn field.


A whistle plays the Rural Setting of the Shire/Hobbit Theme. (DA does not list this as an instance of the Rural Setting. But it sounds, melodically, like the example he provides earlier in the score.) Merry and Pippin are surprised to see Frodo and Sam but Farmer Maggot is chasing them, so they push Frodo into the corn and continue running.


Frenetic, sawing strings play under higher, more staccato strings.


The music picks up in tempo as Sam follows them and they all race through the corn.


Brasses signal danger as the Hobbits teeter on the edge of an embankment then fall rolling, down the hill...


One last oomp of the horns as the Hobbits land at the bottom.


Quiet for a moment then two drawn, spooky notes. As the others pick mushrooms, Frodo looks around uneasily.


Two higher pitched spooky notes as Frodo suggests, "I think we should get off the road" (ignored by the 'shroom hunters).


Jump ahead in action to night. The 'Descending Third' Theme is played and a choir begins chanting as a Black Rider is seen through the trees. It screams. (This music continues longer on the soundtrack than in the movie.)


Nbbtham npm nd


The choir breaks off and the music changes into the Mordor Skip-Beat played by brass.


A strong beat signals the intro to the Ringwraiths' Theme played in brass with a choir joining in on the first phrase. The Hobbits make a run for Bucklebury Ferry and are chased through the woods by the Black Rider.


A quick phrase is sung by the choir.


Br 'n Kathard


The choir joins in again as the Hobbits board the ferry with Frodo lagging behind.


Nbbtham magnan
Br 'n kathard
nn dur-ad


The choir crescendos as Frodo jumps to the Ferry from the bank.


The music quiets to a pulsing run of notes. The Ringwraith looks at the Hobbits


... then spins and rides off down the path, joined by two more as we hear a quick phrase of the 'Threat of Mordor' motif.



All Lyrics from Revelations of the Ringwraiths


[01:06] N
[01:09] b
[01:12] b
[01:15] tham
[01:18] n
[01:22] pm
[01:25] nd
[01:41] Br ('n ?)
[01:43] Kathard
[02:01] Nb
[02:04] btham
[02:06] mag
[02:08] nan
[02:11] Br'n
kathard Ni

[02:16] dir

2:13 - end:  "Kathard" is pronounced very fast, only "d" is long at the end of the word - it is the same rhythm as the trumpets. "Dur" is pronounced as short and then long note, with drum beats underneath - "d" on the first beat, "ur" on the second and lasting to the fourth, "ad" is on the fifth beat and held long. D. Legin






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FOTR Closing Credits

20-Farewell to Lrien - TTT-LE

Two scenes with cue by cues:

Bilbo's 'Concerning Hobbits'

Frodo & Gandalf Riding through the Shire