The Shadow of the Past

Track 3 - FOTR


(3:33) Frodo acquires the Ring and Gandalf goes in search of more information.
Frodo hears the history of the Ring and it is decided he must leave before he draws the Nazgl to him and the Shire.


Intro music moves into...


quiet Pity of Gollum music. This doesn't appear to be used in the movie.


The music swells up. "Keep it secret. Keep it safe."


Frodo looks at the envelope that contains the Ring. The brassy, Sauron's Theme begins as we see Barad-dr and, off in the distance, Mt. Doom. The Descending Third can be heard under all the cacophony. The camera swings around the tower and we see molten lava pouring into a chasm near it's base. HS COMMENT


We hear a tortured voice cry "Shire! Baggins!"


A chorus sings the pounding, Ringwraiths' Theme as the Nine ride forth from Minas Morgul.


Nbbtham Magnan


A violin executes a screeching glissando as Gandalf rides toward Minas Tirith.


The Skip-beat Ostinato plays softly in the background. From the rise he can see Mordor erupting and Osgiliath in the valley below.


A brass fanfare plays as we catch our first glimpse of Minas Tirith.


The Mordor Skip-beat is heard again as Gandalf walks through the streets of Minas Tirith. and enters the library.


Pity of Gollum plays quietly. Action is back in Bag End and Frodo wants reassurance from Gandalf that no one knows the Ring is in the Shire. HS COMMENT


Shot of Gollum being tortured by Orcs as we hear a more urgent version of Pity of Gollum. Gollum cries out, "Shire! Baggins!"


Music reaches a peak as Frodo shockingly realizes that Gollum will lead the Nazgl to the Shire.


Two sustained notes play as two Nazgl ride out of the fog. They are confronted by a Bounder, but they...


...lop off his head as they ride by while a third note plays. A forth note plays as Frodo urges Gandalf to take the Ring. Gandalf backs away. "No Frodo. Do not tempt me!" This music is similar to Nameless Fear.


Jump ahead in action... Frodo is packed to go when they hear a noise outside the window. Gandalf creeps to the window and strikes out with his staff as we hear the 'The Threat of Mordor' motif.


silence as "ooh!" is heard from outside the window.


Final crescendo. Not heard in film.


Lyrics 1:36 - 1:45 from Revelation of the Ringwraiths






1-The Prophecy ~ 2-Concerning Hobbits ~ 3-Shadow of the Past ~ 4-Treason of Isengard ~ 5-The Black Rider

6-At the Sign of the Prancing Pony ~ 7-A Knife in the Dark ~ 8-Flight to the Ford ~ 9-Many Meetings

10-Council of Elrond ~ 11-The Ring Goes South ~ 12-A Journey in the Dark

13-Bridge of Khazad-dm ~ 14-Lothlrien ~ 15-Great River ~ 16-Amon Hen

17-The Breaking of the Fellowship ~ 18-May It Be

FOTR Closing Credits

20-Farewell to Lrien - TTT-LE

Two scenes with cue by cues:

Bilbo's 'Concerning Hobbits'

Frodo & Gandalf Riding through the Shire