TORn Image Posting Guide

Everything you wanted to know about
URLs aka Web Addresses


My computer is a PC and I use Firefox as a browser.
If you use a Mac or another browser, your interface may look different than my screen shots below.



There's a image on the web I'm interested in and I


This is a web page. It has text and images on it.

The url (web address) of this page looks like this.

To get the url of an image, right click on the image (or control click, or command click) to get a pop up context menu. In that menu, chose "Copy Image Location". That copies the url of the image into your clipboard. Then paste that url into whatever application is asking for it.

The url for this particular image happens to be:

notice it ends with .jpg

Image file types that can be displayed at TORn are:

  • jpg

  • png

  • gif

  • bmp (these file types tend to be large... not recommend for the web)

Therefore, your image url should always end with one of these labels.

Putting this url in your browser and hitting enter

will display just the image all by itself

In the context menu (right click on image), you can also find, "View Image". Clicking this will open just the image in it's own window, thereby displaying the needed url in the address bar of your browser.

You can swipe this address and copy from there.

The command 'Copy Image' copies the entire image to your clipboard. This isn't useful when posting at TORn.

However, the command 'Save Image As' allows you to save the image to your harddrive.

Yet another useful selection can be 'Properties'. To click this brings up another menu that gives you some information on the image.

Location: is the url address of the image

Width & Height tell you pixel size

Size of File give you the KB size (MB is just larger units than KB - too large for TORn)

I've been know to open property menus to check problems with posting images.

What will I do with the URL?

If you own the site, then you can use the URL to set the image as an avatar, a footer, a portrait, or an image embedded in a post.

If you do not own this site, you could use the url to put the image in your photo hosting album. Otherwise, you should download the photo onto your harddrive and follow directions for whatever purpose you wish to pursue. You should not use this url to upload a footer or image embedded in a post. This is hotlinking and is against TORn's Terms of Service.