TORn Image Posting Guide

Posting an Image using Advanced Editor
from a website into the body of your post


My computer is a PC and I use Firefox as a browser.
If you use a Mac or another browser, your interface may look different than my screen shots below.
Some people have reported not finding the Inline option in the pop up window
and are unable to use this method (Advanced Editor) of embedding images.



I have an image on a website that belongs to me ...


it's the right size and...

I want to post it by using the Advanced Editor

Open a compose window.

Click in your compose window so you get a writing prompt.

Alternately, hit the space bar a few times and highlight the spaces - this is a trick some people use to override glitches)

Click the image icon in the tool tray above the compose window.

If this icon doesn't seem to be active (useable), try putting a few black spaces in the compose window and highlighting them.

You'll get a pop up window.

If you have attached images to your post and ticked them as Inline, the window looks like this.

If you have not attached images to your post and designated them as Inline, the window looks like this.

Either window will work for posting images sitting on the web.

Enter the url of your web-based image into the field with http:// in it.

Do you need help with the url?

Click: Submit

WARNING: If you have copied the url from something, it probably already has the http:// portion in it. If so, you must erase the http:// sitting in the field before pasting. If you don't, the linked image will not work.

This is one of the most common mistakes newbies make and results in an icon representing a broken link. It looks like this in Firefox....

...and like this in Internet Explorer which is why some people call this the Red X of Doom.

If you've gotten the url correct, the image should appear in your compose window and you can move it just like text.

Bump it up and down with your enter/backspace buttons or cut and paste it into a different location in your compose window.

Align commands: left, center, right... appear to work in the compose window but not in preview.

You can select the image and hit indent and make it indent, however.

If you get an image that looks says something like this...

or this, it means the image is not on a site you own and you do not have permission to post it on another website (in this case, TORn).

This is called hotlinking and it is against TORn's Terms of Service.

The image to the left is from the Lord of the Ring Image Library which is used heavily as a source of images on TORn's movie board. You can use an image from this site but you must follow the guidelines stated in the hotlink alert image.

Even if your hotlinking does not result in an alert, it is still wrong and should not be done.

Even if the site belongs to you, it still does not mean that it will allow remote linking (displaying the image anywhere but on the page where it's sitting). Some free sites that come with internet service providers do not. If you think you are following all directions correctly but the image still won't display, it may be that your site is blocking them.