TORn Image Posting Guide

Everything You Wanted to Know About
Image Sizes


My computer is a PC and I use Firefox as a browser.
If you use a Mac or another browser, your interface may look different than my screen shots below.



I have an image I want to use...

I need TO FIND what size it is now

For an image on your PC

Hold your cursor over the file.

A pop up window tells you the image in the example is 200 x 201 pixels in dimension and the file size is 31.0 KB.

You get this pop up window regardless of what type of view you have set (icon, list, details, thumbnail).


For an image on your Mac:

Try Command I for a Get Info menu or changing your view to show file details.

For an image on the web:

Right click (or control click or command click) on the image. A context menu will pop up.

Choose: Properties

Location: is the url address of the image

Width & Height tell you pixel size

Size of File give you the KB size (MB is just larger units than KB - too large for TORn)


What is a Pixel?

The width and height of an image are measured in pixels. These would be comparable to inches or millimeters.

What is a KB?

The 'weight' (so to speak) of an image is measured in KB (kilobytes), MB (megabytes) or GB (gigabytes). These would comparable to ounces or pounds. For posting on TORn, all images would be measure in KB (the smallest unit of the three listed)

Just like a 2foot by 2foot sheet of steel would weigh less than a 4foot by 4foot sheet of steel, a 200pixel by 200pixel image should 'weigh' less (have fewer KB) than a 400pixel by 400pixel image. But this is not necessarily the case.

Instead, it's as if different images were made of different material: steel, cardboard, glass, Styrofoam. Even if the physical dimensions of items made from those materials were the same, the weight would be different.

What makes an image 'weigh' more or less than another?

Lots of things affect the 'weight' of an image.

File type: .bmp is a larger weight (pixel per pixel) than a .jpg, for example.

Image quality: images can carry lots of information or not as much. We don't need as much information to view an image on a screen as we need to print it. An image created for print will 'weigh' more than an image (properly) created for screen.

Do I have to worry about Pixel Size and KB Size ... or just one or the other?

You have to worry about both to meet TORn's posting guidelines. If your image is too large it can cause problems with your post displaying properly and it can be a problem for people with slower internet connections who must wait a long time for the larger file sizes to download onto their computer.