TORn Image Posting Guide

Rules and Guidelines
regarding images posted/displayed at TORn


What are the rules?

TORn's Terms of Service (The Rules)
Points from the TOS that pertain to posting/using images on the site.

Any questions about these guidelines should be directed at the staff of TORn's message boards, either through a PM to a moderator or a post on Feedback.

2. We strive to maintain a “family friendly” atmosphere that is welcoming to users of all ages. That means no cursing, swearing, excessive sexual innuendo or posting pics that contain nudity. Basically, if it’s not allowed during prime family-watching time on TV (roughly a PG rating), it’s not appropriate here.

4. No image banners or advertisements for other sites and/or discussion boards are allowed. The companies and websites that advertise on TORn have paid for that privilege. If you wish to advertise a site or company, please feel free to contact Links or banners intended to sell products, promote charities or other causes are also not allowed. Exceptions include text links to your personal home page or website in your profile and/or footer.

5. No image banners are allowed in footers (see #4). Also, no animated footers, pics in footers with links to your site, or pics that link to the site where your footer pic is posted, are allowed.

10. We practice general rules of "netiquette" here, including not 'hotlinking' directly to pictures on another website (it uses up their bandwidth which is costing them money).

TORn 201 (FAQ)

Info regarding images from TORn 201 (FAQ) includes definitions, how to instructions and reiteration of rules/guidelines found in the Terms of Service. I've covered the first two categories on this site and the third is found above.