TORn Image Posting Guide

Uploading an Image
from use as a footer/signature at TORn


My computer is a PC and I use Firefox as a browser.
If you use a Mac or another browser, your interface may look different than my screen shots below.



I have an image on a website that belongs to me to me...

  it meets TORn's Terms of Service guidelines...


it's the right size and...

I want to use it in my footer

The image must be on a website that belongs to you* to begin this process.

*Your personal site or your album at a Photobucket type site.

Determine and copy the url address of the image you wish to use. Do you need help with this?

If your image is on Photobucket, look for the area that provides you with various codes. When you click in one of these fields, the text is automatically copied. You don't have to give the command to copy.

The address under Direct Link would work for the steps given below for any web image. However copying the IMG Code is easier. If you copy this IMG Code, skip the next step.

The Code

You can use either HTML or Markup Code. I think Markup is easier and you are less likely to have problems with the quotation marks used in html code. Therefore, I will give you the markup code only.

For this tutorial/example, the url will be what we see above:

I will always show it in purple. Anytime you see this in the code below, you will completely replace it with the url of your image. If you get one letter wrong or insert one space in the code, it will not work.

I think it's easiest at this point to open up a word processing document (like Word or Open Office). If you have copied the url of your image, paste it in the word document now. Copy the line of code I show below and paste that in your word document.

Markup Code:


Now, recopy the url address and paste in place of the purple text. Make sure you erase all the purple text. Make sure that your code looks exactly like my line of code with your url address substituted for mine. Now copy this entire line (with your url address) and go to TORn.

At TORn, Click: Edit Profile

User Profile

On the page that opens choose: User Profile


Find the field labeled: Signature

In this field, paste your line of code.

If you've copied the IMG Code at Photobucket, you will paste it here.

This will insert the image, aligned to the left, into your footer.
If you want to add text, you just type it either before or after your line of code.
If you want to get fancier (center alignment, colored text, linked text),
you can post a request for help in Feedback.

At the bottom right corner of the page,
click: Make Profile Changes

To check if your footer is working properly, you must make a post. To test, go to Feedback,
find an old thread and make a post. You can just write test in the subject and body of the post.
Then go to your post and view your image.

If everything is okay, you can immediately delete your post and continue on with your life.

If you encounter a problem, you can still delete your post or you can leave it there in case someone wanders by and notices you're having a problem.

If you get a broken link icon (this one is from Firefox)...

...and this one is from Explorer, then either your code is wrong, or the site the image is on does not allow hotlinkling.

Asking for help on Feedback is your best recourse.