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I want to include a footer image in my post and I need...


Footers (also called 'signatures')

Are images and or text displayed at the bottom of each of your posts. You determine what (if anything) is displayed in the settings of your profile. Once you've saved the settings, the same footer/signature will be displayed each time you post (until you change the setting). Whatever footer you are using at the time you make a post will stay with that post for all eternity.

I will only cover how to put an image in your footer.


This image:

set as a footer image (and combined with text) will look like this in a post:

TORn's Terms of Service state:

No image banners or advertisements for other sites and/or discussion boards are allowed.

Links or banners intended to sell products, promote charities or other causes are also not allowed. Exceptions include text links to your personal home page or website in your profile and/or footer.

No animated footers, pics in footers with links to your site, or pics that link to the site where your footer pic is posted, are allowed.

Please limit footer text to no more than 15 lines of text.

Size: Images Displayed in a Footer

Should be no larger than

240 pixels by 180 pixels
50 KB

The orientation can be either 'landscape' 240 wide x 180 tall - or smaller) or 'profile' (180 wide x 240 tall or smaller)

I don't know how to tell what size my image is

I need to change the size of my image


My image is the correct size


it's on a website that belongs to me and I'm ready to...