TORn Image Posting Guide

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I want to upload an avatar and I need some...



An avatar (or icon) is an image uploaded to your profile that appears to the left of your posts under your username whenever you post on the TORn message boards.

(from TORn 201 FAQ)


Should be no larger than

100 pixels by 100 pixels
65 KB

file type: gif, jpg, jpeg, png and bmp
(but bmp are notorious large in KB)

Of course, one side could be shorter than
100 pixels. For example, the avatar could be 100x75 or 75x100.

Problems caused by posting an avatar over the size limits.

From TORn 201 (FAQ)

2.29 I changed my avatar, and now nobody can see my posts! What do I do? You have tried to upload a file to use as your avatar that is too big. The result is that other users cannot see your posts and instead see an error message saying: “The post you attempted to access does not exist.” If this is the case, before contacting anyone or posting another message, click on the [Edit Profile] link at the top of the board and either change your avatar to another image (no larger than 100 pixels by 100 pixels and 65 Kb), or remove the image entirely, by choosing ‘None’ as the edit option in the Edit Profile screen. (Note: You may also need to log out and close your browser to clear the browser cache, then open your browser and log back in again before posting.) Please test your ability to post first by sending yourself a Private Message rather than trying to post on the boards directly, as no one will be able to access your post. Once you are able to read your Private Message, then the problem is fixed and you should be able to post normally on the boards. If you need further help, email an Admin (do not PM them as they won't be able to open your PMs either). See the Message Board Staff post in the Welcome Forum for a list of the Admins.

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