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Attachments to Posts
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I want to include an image in my post and I need...



Attachments to posts

are files attached to a particular post you make. They can (as far as I know) be an image, a sound file, a pdf, a word doc, etc. Anything that you could attach to an email, for example.

The file must be on your harddrive to upload as an attachment.


Should be no larger than

no restriction on dimensional size (pixels)
250 KB

If your attachment is an image, do you need to make yours smaller?

If you are trying to reference something besides an image (pdf, mp3, etc) that is too large, you'll just have to find an off site host for it. I've used the site, There, the file can sit for 7 days (if you complete the free registration) and is available for 100 downloads. You essentially 'send' the file to yourself and then copy off the appropriate link for downloading the file (being careful to get the proper link) and provide that link in your post. (The file isn't sent to the person who's email address you give. The file is uploaded onto the YouSendIt and a link for downloading it is sent to the person who's email address you provide.) If you register with the site, you can upload very large files. There are other sites that do the same thing (google: file transfer sites).

I don't know how to tell what size my image is

I need to change the size of my image


My file is the correct size...


it's on my harddrive and I want to...