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LOTR Movies : A Closer Look

Most of these images were collected because someone asked a question... then someone else... then someone else. It seemed easier to make the images immediately available and link people to them than to repost them every time someone asked.


Gandalf's (First Two) Staves

How did Gandalf get his staff back from Saruman after escaping from Orthanc? He didn't. It's a new staff. Really. I can prove it. How he gets his staves is probably a matter of fanfic.  However, in a ROTK EE scene, the Witch King shatters the white staff that Gandalf the White carries; yet the one he carries at the Grey Havens seems to be this same staff or an exact duplicate.

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Arwen at Helm's Deep

I first collected the fleeting glimpses of her that were left after most of her appearance she was CG-ed out. I've added some publicity and behind the scenes images gathered by grammaboodawg at TheOneRing.net's forums.

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Cast Studio Stills

I grabbed the only copy my local Barnes and Noble had of the Empire magazine that contained large, photo quality cast studio stills. Then I grabbed digital copies when I ran across them. The rest in this bunch were collected from various sources at various times.

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Elrond's Study

These were gathered for a discussion of props at TheOneRing.net's forums.

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These images were found at TheOneRing.net. I don't really know what the source is.

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The Car 'goof' in FOTR

I ran across reports of this goof while FOTR was still playing in my neighborhood second run theater. I can tell you, it was clearly visible on the big screen if you knew where to look. It was digitally erased before the movie came out on DVD but it still can be seen in footage shown in the National Geographic special, "Beyond the Movie: The LOTR, The FOTR."

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Hey... is that a Swan Banner at the Coronation?

Yep. It's a very subtle reference to Prince Imrahil of Dol-Amroth. The Decipher LOTR Collectible Card Game also took a character named Irolas from the movie and named him Imrahil for their game cards.

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The Banners and Tapestries of Rohan

I think this little burst of collection was prompted by a LOTR Trivial Pursuit question. Many of the images are from the Appendices material.

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Shelob Stings Frodo

I've run into quite a few people wondering how Shelob manages to penetrate Frodo's Mithril vest. I don't know. But often, in those discussions, the question of where Frodo is stung - front or back - comes up. I was so convinced that Frodo was stung from the back that I set out to gather the screen caps to prove it. I was wrong. He is stung from the front.

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